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The Human Element: People Skills in Inventory Management

Retail Smart Guys

When it comes to inventory management, it’s easy to get lost in spreadsheets, logistics, and technology. People skills in inventory management play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient flow of goods, maintaining team morale, and fostering strong customer relationships.

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Retail Inventory Management Software: Streamlining Your Business for Success


In the ever-evolving world of retail, efficient inventory management is the key to success. Retail Inventory Management Software, often abbreviated as RIMS, has become an indispensable tool for retailers of all sizes. What is Retail Inventory Management Software? This is crucial for financial reporting.


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Inventory management for efficiency and experience

I Vend

This lack of inventory costs retailers an estimated up to 8% of revenue in lost sales. iVend Retail Inventory Management Inventory management drives store efficiency and customer experience. Read about iVend’s smart retail technology for inventory management.

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[Webinar] RFID and Your Omnichannel Inventory Management Strategy

Retail Pro

Retailers face REAL and costly problems due to inventory inaccuracy – and it’s getting worse as retailers attempt to use store inventory to fulfill online orders for pickup or shipments.

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7 Tips for Wholesale Inventory Management

Independent Retailer

This is why inventory management is key, especially as retailers look to deal with unsold merchandise after the holidays. “Seemingly overnight, shortages are flipping to inventory surpluses in certain categories. Donate Excess Inventory. Adopt a Probabilistic Model of Inventory Management.

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Why Data Will Drive the Future of Inventory Management

Retail TouchPoints

Effective inventory management plays a vital role in this — and data-led solutions can make a real difference here. 3 issues holding retail back: Inefficient practices When swift and informed inventory decisions are required, manual, error-prone processes can seriously harm a business’ ability to react to changing situations.

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Mastering Apparel Inventory Management in 2023


In this article, we'll explore the fundamentals of apparel inventory management. The post Mastering Apparel Inventory Management in 2023 appeared first on Retalon. We'll discuss the pitfalls of old-school approaches and see how predictive analytics helps retailers sail smoothly into the future.