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Point of Sale: What it is, how it works


Ready to deep dive into the world of point of sale? In this article, we will share anything you need to know about POS and POS systems. You will discover the main benefits of using POS and how much you need to get out of your pocket for a POS system.

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Engaging Customers Beyond the Point of Sale with Mobile Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

If you are only engaging the user at the point of sale, you’re not actually addressing all of their needs. It also helps brands identify customer behavior, use data analysis to make sense of it, and then create a customized experience to engage and retain the customer. For example, take expectant parents looking to purchase a car seat.


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Go big and be seen – point of sale displays

Inside Retail

And, according to Pegasus Print Group Sales Manager Ross Muirhead, Point of Sale displays will always have a place in creating exciting, memorable and profitable shopping experiences for your customers as long as we live and breathe in a physical world. The big brands keep pushing them because they actually work.

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Point of Sale System for Consignment Stores

National Retail Solutions

It is hard enough to keep track of the percentages and sales by hand,[.] The post Point of Sale System for Consignment Stores appeared first on National Retail Solutions. A consignment store owner must consider how they want to sell their items and how much profit they want to keep for their company.

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Forrester Report: Demystifying The Technical Functions of POS Solutions

Understanding the intricate world of Point-of-Sale (POS) technology is a common challenge for tech buyers. When it comes to defining the functions of Point-of-Sale systems, the communications have yet to be standardized–—until now.

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A Guide to Point-of-Sale Systems with Examples

National Retail Solutions

In this arcticle: Introduction to Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems What is a POS? The post A Guide to Point-of-Sale Systems with Examples appeared first on National Retail Solutions. As we enter the new year, it is pertinent for business owners to know how to operate the basics of a POS system. For example, an e-commerce[.]

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Store Point of Sale Data Sheet

M19 Retail

This data sheet is written for professionals in specialty retail organizations in a variety of verticals who are involved in store solutions, including point of sale (POS). The post Store Point of Sale Data Sheet appeared first on Mi9 Retail. What will I learn about?