Sales Training: The 5 Stupidest Questions To Ask Retail Shoppers

Retail Doc

People who sell retail have to up their game, or their brick and mortar stores will bleed customers. And don’t blame online sales….

Russian industry comes together to reward innovation


The pandemic may have prompted hurdles and date changes for the 16 th annual POP competition of POPAI RUSSIA, but it certainly didn’t curb innovation. The organization, part of the Shop!


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What is Visual Merchandising?


In the restaurant business, there is a saying that goes, “People eat with their eyes first.”. That means that even if the food is cooked perfectly and is delicious, a bad presentation can put someone off before they even try it. Retailers and brands are facing the same challenges.

Nike to Open 30 Stores in 2021, Continue Investing in Customer Outreach and Supply Chain

Retail Touch

Nike plans to open 30 stores in the second half of 2021 as the retailer positions itself for long-term growth. Leaders discussed their plans for the business, including growing its connections with shoppers and improving supply chain capabilities, on a Dec. 18 call with analysts.

Retail’s Digital Future

I Vend

In store shopping has long been the predominant way to shop, however, online shopping has quickly grown to become the preferred channel for many. Consumer preferences have shifted in response to the pandemic, as many have faced changes in their jobs, income and leisure time.

Global is boring, retail goes local

Fashion Retail

I usually prefer to mention niche players success stories because writing about big players making the right moves is not big surprise. But, when you are an elephant, adapting to changes is not easy neither fast.

This Holiday Shopping Season…Be Positive!

Graff Retail

Earlier this week, I came across a new business selling vacation cruises. It’s no secret that the tourism industry has been the hardest hit because of COVID, but if they can be confident and positive about things returning to normal, then you should be too.

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As a Category Manager are you the next CEO or stuck for life?

Shopper Intelligence

If you’re a Category Manager are you the next CEO or stuck for life? Let’s be realistic, if you stay in Category then the best you can hope for is heading up the Category Team. After that if you want to go up, you’ll have to get out.”.

To Survive e-Commerce, Modern Retailers Must Learn to Think Like e-Commerce

Retail Next

1927 Chess World Championship—To Survive Capablanca, You Must Think Like Capablanca. In Buenos Aires in 1927, underdog chess player Alexander Alekhine dominated the “unbeatable” world champ Jose Capablanca. In doing so, Alekhine taught a valuable lesson that retailers should heed today.

Sales Territory Management Plan: Creating a 5 Step Strategy [Video]


Most consumer goods companies understand the importance of an effective sales territory management plan - it can prevent territory overlap between field reps, which causes confusion and wastes time.

Retail Sales Associate Training: 9 Ways To Get Better At Selling

Retail Doc

You’ve probably heard it said of someone, “They could sell (snow, ice, a refrigerator) to an Eskimo,” or something similar to that. The idea is you can only get better at selling if you're born with it. Retail Sales Training Retail Sales Associate Training

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Building the ultimate retail environment


PHOTO: ISTOCK/SORN340. The in-store retail environment is the setting for the customer experience that a store delivers to its shoppers. The customer experience is more than just a transaction.

What is 4PL and How Can Your Brand Find the Best Partner?


Growing brands have to make tough decisions about what business functions they will keep in-house and which ones they can outsource. The question of outsourcing logistics often comes up fairly early in a brand’s lifecycle, and how it’s answered can have a large impact on the brand’s ability to scale.

Walmart Allies With Instacart To Boost Same-Day Delivery Capacity

Retail Touch

Even with 74,000 personal shoppers and its recently launched Express Delivery service, Walmart has faced challenges keeping up with demand as consumers escalate both their online ordering and their expectations for faster home delivery.

iVend Mobile POS is Now Compatible with iOS 14

I Vend

This is an important advisory for customers using the iOS version of iVend Mobile POS. We are pleased to announce that iVend Mobile POS Version 5.3 is now compatible with iOS 14.

Influencer Brands

Fashion Retail

Digital era, the long tail, streetwear, social media, pure players, business platforms, influencers, liquid design… these are some of the ingredients for cooking this article… Global volatility, from geopolitics to social instability, is the new normal.

Maximize Transactions and Experiences This Holiday Shopping Season

Graff Retail

We’ve transitioned from fall to winter, which means Christmas is really close behind. This year the holidays are going to feel different with some of us in restricted access situations. So, what does this mean for retail and how can sales be driven with these obstacles?

Protecting your Retail Brand Against the Growing Counterfeit Threat


Counterfeit products, representing nearly 3.5% of world trade today, are flooding the market and COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem for brands, manufacturers, and consumers.

Using Retail Pro Prism POS on mobile for your 2020 curbside & COVID-careful holiday shopping setup

Retail Pro

Mobile POS systems can give sales-floor associates and customers flexibility, boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Mobility with Retail Pro Prism supports creative ways to sell and promotes faster queuing.

Holiday is definitely in the air, or is it… Halloween?

Retail Next

For the past several years, the holiday gifting season has been creeping to earlier and earlier dates in the calendar, but I cannot remember ever thinking about Christmas prior to Halloween. Of course, I never have had sooo much time at home to think about these things – thanks Covid.

Repsly Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies


magazine recently revealed that Repsly earned a spot on its annual Inc. 5000 list , the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. This marks the second consecutive year Repsly has received the honor.

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How To Attract Customers To Your Retail Store In 9 Easy Steps

Retail Doc

As retailers across the country fear a second wave of the coronavirus and lockdowns, it is still important to focus on how to attract customers. Retail Consultant Retail Sales Training Attract customers


Store designs help create buzz for cannabis retailers


The $9.3 billion U.S. cannabis industry includes stores like Common Citizen in Flint, Mich., designed by GH+A design studios. PHOTO: NICK DAVIS. By Beth Mattson-Teig.

Every Pricing Strategy You Could Be Using Today


There are countless pricing strategies at your disposal, but not all are created equal. Some strategies are much more effective than others at increasing margins, moving inventory, and keeping customers happy.

Surfacing Trends and Predictive Insights with Advanced Analytics

Retail Touch

Trend/trend/noun. A general direction in which something is developing or changing. Trends are strong indicators of long-term market influence, customer adoption and retention rates and overall sentiment.

What’s the Difference Between All These Face Masks?


There are a variety of face masks being worn today during the pandemic. And if you are in a public place where you will encounter other people, you should wear a mask according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

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How to quantify the value impact of a technology investment

M19 Retail

Today it is more critical than ever to quantify the value impact of a technology investment in order to make a well-informed decision and drive consensus internally.

Meet Your Customers Curbside

One Step Retail

The world is a much different place than it was when the year started. Coming into 2020, one of the biggest shifts we were seeing was the need for BOPIS, or Buy Online Pickup in Store, as it grew in popularity with shoppers.

Boost your eCommerce Revenue with Smart Pricing Analytics


The retail world is currently facing rapid evolution. Market trends are fluctuating at an unprecedented pace, prices are as competitive as they’ve ever been, and customers are holding companies to ever-higher standards.

What is Phygital Retail? Physical and digital retail, together

Store Front

Phygital retail is the latest buzzword for the strategies and tactics retailers use to engage with their customers. Phygital’ is a portmanteau of ‘Physical’ and ‘Digital’, and it represents the merging of the physical with the digital.

How COVID-19 Created the Store of the Future

Retail Next

For years retailers have been talking about the store of the future, how to compete with Amazon, and how to best serve today’s digitally driven customer. The pace has been maddeningly slow – both as an executive in retail technology and as a consumer.

Why Your Competitors Are Outperforming You at the Shelf


Did you know that 72% of brands end up in the red when it comes to promotions ? Chances are, most brands find themselves in that majority -- which means the other 28% of brands (i.e. your competitors!) are dramatically outperforming their competition on the shelf.

Retail Management Tips: 15 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

Retail Doc

Looking for how to grow profit margins in your store? KPI retail management Margin

Pandemic catapults interest in ghost kitchens


By Jo Rossman. PHOTO: ISTOCK/HALBERGMAN. M ajor disruptions can quickly popularize some formats even as they cause others to lose relevance. COVID-19 is creating this type of sea change in the restaurant industry. Behavioral changes that began during lockdown have had a lingering effect.

[Webinar] Retail Post-Pandemic: 6 Store Conditions Consumer Brands Need to Monitor to Win at the Register


Do have questions around how to improve in-store execution? How to get better visibility into retailers? What can be done to optimize shelf conditions such as availability, planogram compliance, display compliance, and more?

The Future of Retail, Reimagined

Retail Touch

Even before COVID-19, the retail industry was already going through significant challenges, disruption and transformation. That has all been turned on its head. Get ready for the “new abnormal.”.

Businesses Supporting Businesses, Made in the USA Products


As we celebrate the 4 th of July this year, it is important to reflect on what has happened to businesses across the US these past few months. In particular, clothing stores were struggling even before a pandemic came through and shut their doors.