How Retail Businesses Can Use Customer Data to Enhance Targeted Marketing

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In addition, as the popularity of online ordering and delivery continues to skyrocket, marketers need to rethink how they communicate with and market to consumers. In order to do this, retailers need to leverage valuable consumer data to create a more targeted marketing strategy.

PreciseTarget Helps Retailers Find and Reach Out to High-Value Customers

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Retail data science solution provider PreciseTarget has launched AcquisitionAI, a tool designed to give instant analysis of a brand’s newly acquired customers, automatically generating audiences that target the highest-value shoppers among them.


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Sally Beauty Preps for Post-Pandemic Beauty Boom with New AI-Powered Pricing Solution

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The solution also will help Sally Beauty create more effective promotions through enhanced targeting and develop profitable markdown plans.

Forrester Q&A: How CMOs Can Meet Louder Demands for Localization

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If you’re in marketing, you’ve likely heard the phrase “go global, act local” more than once. During an in-depth interview with Retail TouchPoints , Husson provided in-depth insights into the report and recommendations for marketing leaders.

Former L’Oréal Australia MD goes all in on natural skincare

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As general manager of skincare, Tucker will be responsible for developing and bringing to market 8 Seeds, a new line of skincare products containing hemp seed oil, which is purported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

Her Black Book raises $1.6 million three months after launch

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Their attitude, grit and deep understanding of the target market makes this business highly scalable and a company to watch.”. Premium fashion shopping app, Her Black Book, has bagged $1.6

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses looks to expand drive-thru model

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The target market is likely to be aligned to the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse brand. Family-owned Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse has launched its first drive-thru bakery, in South Morang, Victoria.

How to manage the cultural divide in the workplace

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Adapting to the culture of a new market isn’t just about switching up your packaging or rebranding your company’s name so that it works overseas, although these things are important. Here are three tips to help you bridge the gap between your culture and the culture of your target market.

Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy to Going Global

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©iStock/Viktoriia Fokina Pawdel CEO Arrian Lim – who is a certified digital marketer [not sure what that is] – discusses how he jumped out of the box of traditional pet marketing, applied the Blue Ocean strategy theory, and created his own growing niche.

Coni Lefferts's wegginar® 4/6/22 on Creating Global Packaging for Every Product and Budget

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Expected takeaways: Focusing on four key packaging elements: your product, your target market, your brand image and your timeframe Producing packaging offshore versus domestically Using stock packaging to make it look custom Determining the quantities of packaging you need now and later + More. ©2022 Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®. All rights reserved. How do you create packaging for the global marketplace that is economical and universal in its appeal?

Fall Tips for Tenants

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Identifying Target Markets. Did you know that 52% of Small Business Owners post on Social Media daily while 77% of Americans have Social Media accounts. In this issue of our Fall Tips for Tenants, we address the importance of: WHY small businesses need to be active on social media.

What is a Niche Market?

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A niche market can be defined as a subgroup of a larger market that has its own unique identity, needs, and, preferences making it stand out from the overall market. How do You Define a Niche Market? How a Niche Market Works. 10 Amazing Niche Market Examples.

Goobne Chicken, the hot new Korean chain, plans six stores in 12 months

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Further store openings will be available as franchises and the goal over the next 12 months is to open another six new quick service restaurant locations across Sydney with suburbs such as Epping, Chatswood and Strathfield target markets.

Online Marketing Courses to Take to Help Your Business

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Marketing refers to the collection of a series of activities companies undertake to promote their service or products. Marketing plays the biggest role in businesses and good skills in marketing can mean the difference between success and failure.

AuMake ends FY21 down $7.8m, hopeful for new year

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It is not uncommon for a WeChat user [in Asia] to have in excess of 5,000 people in their address book, providing brands with a cost effective yet sizeable and scalable channel to grow their presence in the Asian market.”.

The role of small gifts in customer loyalty

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Whilst this is a crucial aspect of marketing, it’s equally important to ensure that you are retaining your existing customers as well. There are many different ways in which you can develop a loyal customer following for your business.

Retail Innovation Roundup: 9 Trends and Technologies That are Changing How Consumers Shop

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Whether it’s curbside pick up, cause based marketing, or social shopping — the way retailers are doing business is rapidly evolving. Cause based marketing. Another trend running in tandem with user-centric and convenient shopping experiences is cause based marketing.

Hitachi Vantara Offers Retailers Lidar-Based Grab-and-Go Self-Checkout

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Hitachi Vantara has launched the Grab-N-Walk Out solution, which is designed to help customers take want they want, pay and leave with minimal friction. The store automation solution can help retailers free up store personnel to focus on more valued-added tasks.

What investors want: The four e-commerce metrics that matter most

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With e-commerce businesses, the platforms we use to facilitate online business such as Shopify, various apps and software that directly integrate with the platform and performance marketing tools, give us real-time insight into the analytics and metrics that matter.

Onboarding: the hidden edge in the fight for talent

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Given how competitive the current job market is, it’s crucial to ensure your new starters have an engaging onboarding process. There’s no shortage of media commentary about the staffing challenges employers are facing this year.

Barnes & Noble Adds “Banned Books” Section to Stores, Website


Nicola Kinsella, SVP Global Marketing of Fluent Commerce, commented on Retail Wire ’s article to applaud the bookseller’s opportunism. “It’s It’s a great marketing move by B&N. And B&N knows its target market.

Spotlight: Pallette Market Brings Unique Cultural Products to People Around the World

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But Pallette Market wants to make this easier for everyone from the city to the suburbs. “That’s why we started Pallette Market. use 20k for marketing. analyze marketing effort then inject another 20k into targeted marketing.

Analysis: Why rethinking demographics leads to better segmentation

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Segmentation is core to many marketing functions. In fact, it is one of the first things we teach in undergraduate marketing courses, as part of the segmentation-targeting-positioning (STP) process we teach as an introduction to marketing strategy.

4 Tips to Run Better BOGO Sales


Tip 1: Select Your Target Audience . The first step to planning a successful buy one, get one sale, is to narrow down and select your target audience based on the item on sale. Picking a niche market can help you decide where and how to advertise. For example, if you want to offer buy one make up item, get one free, you can narrow down your target market to shoppers who have purchased make up in the past year.

How to include disability in your advertising – without getting cancelled

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Therefore, it would make sense to include disabled talent in order to capture the attention of that additional 20 per cent market share. A surprising number of brands fall short when it comes to considering the customer experience their target market enjoys from them.

Clear vision – omnichannel retailing for optical brands

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Optical retail is a large and growing global market. billion market in 2021 , nor that it is forecast to continue to grow at 6% over the next seven years. Multiple channels mean the target audience can engage more frequently, and from anywhere.

When is the right time to scale? Three indications you might be ready

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It could be that it’s the right time to invest in external expertise in growing and marketing your business brand so that you can build brand awareness amongst new customers and potential retailers.

The next Who Gives a Crap? Meet subscription sheet service Sheetly

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We believe that is the dominant target market,” Wendy Rattray, Sheetly’s founder and CEO, told Inside Retail. According to market research that Sheetly conducted prior to launching, 100 per cent of people interviewed said they don’t wash their sheets as regularly as they’d like.

5 Tips for Running a Retail Franchise

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Understand Your Market. The first tip is to understand who your target market is. Understanding your target market helps with customer engagement, marketing, the customer experience and so forth. . This can tie in with knowing your market.

Signet Jewelers Acquires Diamonds Direct to Boost Bridal Offerings

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Signet plans to drive operating synergies by leveraging its scale in purchasing, targeted marketing, connected commerce and jewelry services to enhance Diamonds Direct.

Third-Party Certification and Label Effectiveness In Purchase Decisions: Is It Worth the Investment?


It’s difficult to identify which will be the most effective in terms of purchase intent among the brand’s target market. Sustainability-marketed products grew 5.6 times faster than products marketed conventionally last year.

Make Money from a Hobby with a Photography Business Course

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How to Market Your Real Estate Photography Business. The main objective of How to Market Your Real Estate Photography Business is to educate you on different ways of marketing your real estate photography business using strategies and techniques.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

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Niche sites also know a target market inside and out, making it easier to solve (and evolve) customer needs and meet their demands. And when it comes time to get the word out, it’s easier to reach out and market to a well-defined target audience.

Why cosmetics-maker Atelier is launching ‘shark tank’ for beauty brands

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We’ve been in this industry for about three-and-a-half years now, and we’re very fortunate enough to have grown a company that can provide support not just to our market, but to the people inside of it.”.

Analysis: Why Abercrombie & Fitch’s turnaround has not been cancelled

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However, A&F’s recent financial figures and strategy actually show a brand that is firmly in recovery mode, with a focus on more on-point marketing messaging and fewer stores, as sales are shifted to its digital channels. . Abandonment of sexualised marketing.

Dove’s Marketing Strategy, 5 Keys to its Success

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If you are curious about these and other elements of Dove’s marketing strategy then consider these five keys to its success. When you think about beauty and skincare brands they often market their products as ones that help you to achieve a standard of beauty that isn’t achievable.

A taste of home: The rise of expat retailers

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British expats are the key target market of online grocery store British Corner Shop, which services over 150 countries around the globe with over 10,000 popular products, from Marmite to McVities. The business also gets customers involved in its marketing. For the estimated 87.5

Super-secret to winning the war over talent

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Before acting on the information or deciding whether to acquire or hold a product, consider its appropriateness and the relevant PDS and Target Market Determination which are available at

Meet Rainforest, Asia’s leading online aggregator set to grow by US$100m

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We started off being a bit more agnostic in terms of the categories that we acquired, but now we are very focused on our target buyer: mums and value-seeking female buyers. Number one is just the depth and the size of the market. On the seller side, it’s an absolutely huge market.

Listen up: Why Mecca is tuning in to the world of podcasting

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We’re really leaning on the talent and the authenticity of our store team members and platforming it in our podcast,” said chief marketing officer Kate Blythe. Business Health & beauty Latest Marketing Professional Sectors Top Stories Adore Beauty Chanel Dior Mecca podcast

Successful New Product Development in Five Steps

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It’s an age-old question — How can your product company increase sales in an ever-changing and competitive market? Great marketing strategies and white-labeling popular products were proven ways to grow revenue and make your company more attractive to potential acquirers.

Analysis: Why does Shein continue to escape scrutiny?

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In 2008, he launched a fashion e-commerce site – She Inside – as a way to target consumers who were tired of waiting in lines in stores or unable to find their specific size. The secret sauce behind Shein’s success has undoubtedly been its digital marketing capabilities.

Why is retail reporting so important?

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You’ll probably find some products that are underperforming, which might mean easing back on the stock or engaging in targeted marketing on them. Why is retail reporting so important?