How Retail Businesses Can Use Customer Data to Enhance Targeted Marketing

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In addition, as the popularity of online ordering and delivery continues to skyrocket, marketers need to rethink how they communicate with and market to consumers. In order to do this, retailers need to leverage valuable consumer data to create a more targeted marketing strategy.

Sally Beauty Preps for Post-Pandemic Beauty Boom with New AI-Powered Pricing Solution

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The solution also will help Sally Beauty create more effective promotions through enhanced targeting and develop profitable markdown plans.


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Forrester Q&A: How CMOs Can Meet Louder Demands for Localization

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If you’re in marketing, you’ve likely heard the phrase “go global, act local” more than once. During an in-depth interview with Retail TouchPoints , Husson provided in-depth insights into the report and recommendations for marketing leaders.

Former L’Oréal Australia MD goes all in on natural skincare

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As general manager of skincare, Tucker will be responsible for developing and bringing to market 8 Seeds, a new line of skincare products containing hemp seed oil, which is purported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

What is a Niche Market?

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A niche market can be defined as a subgroup of a larger market that has its own unique identity, needs, and, preferences making it stand out from the overall market. How do You Define a Niche Market? How a Niche Market Works. 10 Amazing Niche Market Examples.

Shopify brings social commerce to Pinterest Australia

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The partnership will enable Australian businesses to easily bring products to Pinterest and make them shoppable, and allows market-specific feeds, meaning the discovery platform can be used as an online catalogue for brands to show off different products in different markets.

Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy to Going Global

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©iStock/Viktoriia Fokina Pawdel CEO Arrian Lim – who is a certified digital marketer [not sure what that is] – discusses how he jumped out of the box of traditional pet marketing, applied the Blue Ocean strategy theory, and created his own growing niche.

AuMake ends FY21 down $7.8m, hopeful for new year

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It is not uncommon for a WeChat user [in Asia] to have in excess of 5,000 people in their address book, providing brands with a cost effective yet sizeable and scalable channel to grow their presence in the Asian market.”.

Retail Innovation Roundup: 9 Trends and Technologies That are Changing How Consumers Shop

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Whether it’s curbside pick up, cause based marketing, or social shopping — the way retailers are doing business is rapidly evolving. Cause based marketing. Another trend running in tandem with user-centric and convenient shopping experiences is cause based marketing.

How to include disability in your advertising – without getting cancelled

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Therefore, it would make sense to include disabled talent in order to capture the attention of that additional 20 per cent market share. A surprising number of brands fall short when it comes to considering the customer experience their target market enjoys from them.

Signet Jewelers Acquires Diamonds Direct to Boost Bridal Offerings

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Signet plans to drive operating synergies by leveraging its scale in purchasing, targeted marketing, connected commerce and jewelry services to enhance Diamonds Direct.

A taste of home: The rise of expat retailers

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British expats are the key target market of online grocery store British Corner Shop, which services over 150 countries around the globe with over 10,000 popular products, from Marmite to McVities. The business also gets customers involved in its marketing. For the estimated 87.5

4 Tips to Run Better BOGO Sales


Tip 1: Select Your Target Audience . The first step to planning a successful buy one, get one sale, is to narrow down and select your target audience based on the item on sale. Picking a niche market can help you decide where and how to advertise. For example, if you want to offer buy one make up item, get one free, you can narrow down your target market to shoppers who have purchased make up in the past year.

Signet to Acquire Diamonds Direct in $490M Deal


Signet plans to drive operating synergies by leveraging scale in purchasing, targeted marketing, Connected Commerce and jewelry services.” Signet Jewelers Ltd. plans to acquire Diamonds Direct USA Inc. for $490 million, the companies announced Tuesday.

Analysis: Why Abercrombie & Fitch’s turnaround has not been cancelled

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However, A&F’s recent financial figures and strategy actually show a brand that is firmly in recovery mode, with a focus on more on-point marketing messaging and fewer stores, as sales are shifted to its digital channels. . Abandonment of sexualised marketing.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

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Niche sites also know a target market inside and out, making it easier to solve (and evolve) customer needs and meet their demands. And when it comes time to get the word out, it’s easier to reach out and market to a well-defined target audience.

Listen up: Why Mecca is tuning in to the world of podcasting

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We’re really leaning on the talent and the authenticity of our store team members and platforming it in our podcast,” said chief marketing officer Kate Blythe. Business Health & beauty Latest Marketing Professional Sectors Top Stories Adore Beauty Chanel Dior Mecca podcast

3 Reasons Digital Marketing Matters To Your Retail Business

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For you to stay ahead of the game, you must keep up with digital innovations and apply up-to-date marketing strategies. Although digital marketing is already a familiar and staple strategy for many establishments, some industries and businesses are still reluctant to engage in this approach.

Analysis: Why does Shein continue to escape scrutiny?

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In 2008, he launched a fashion e-commerce site – She Inside – as a way to target consumers who were tired of waiting in lines in stores or unable to find their specific size. The secret sauce behind Shein’s success has undoubtedly been its digital marketing capabilities.

Third-Party Certification and Label Effectiveness In Purchase Decisions: Is It Worth the Investment?


It’s difficult to identify which will be the most effective in terms of purchase intent among the brand’s target market. Sustainability-marketed products grew 5.6 times faster than products marketed conventionally last year.

Why is retail reporting so important?

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You’ll probably find some products that are underperforming, which might mean easing back on the stock or engaging in targeted marketing on them. Why is retail reporting so important?

5 Marketing Strategies To Help You Find New Customers

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This post highlights some of the marketing strategies businesses can deploy to not find new customers and keep existing ones. Let’s face it; technology opened a myriad of marketing channels and so did the pandemic. Think Influencer Marketing. All Posts Marketing retail

Factors That Affect the Retail Industry Nowadays

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Even though this knowledge already gives you a way to focus your business identity and market niche, you must still consider your client base on a broad scale for this creates a better opportunity for success.

Lance Neill joins Rite Aid’s Elixir as COO

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“It is clear that regional health plans and mid-market employers are looking for a more surefooted approach to managing pharmacy spend and driving better health outcomes. ” The post Lance Neill joins Rite Aid’s Elixir as COO appeared first on MMR: Mass Market Retailers.

Inventory Management Workshop

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In this new Inventory Management Workshop ONLINE , you’ll get the benefit of a comprehensive program which covers all aspects of the Buying, Inventory Control and Category Management functions as well as Online and Digital Marketing, and much more. Category Marketing Strategies.

PROJECT Presents 2021 Global Event Calendar

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Inspired by recent global trends that align men’s and women’s markets, PROJECT will now unite the entire contemporary market to feature both men’s and women’s brands.

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 6-28-2021

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American Alliance of Museums) Here are ten ways museums and attractions can continue to attract return visitors, including local staycationers, daytrippers, and audiences outside the usual target market.

In-Store Audits vs. Focus Groups: Which One to Choose?


Related: 8 Simple Tactics to Increase Market Basket Size. This leads to ineffective marketing efforts and can be detrimental to company sales. They can be face-to-face meetings with target audiences. How Consumers Compare Prices to Make Purchase Decisions.

Post Office launches first ever loyalty scheme for parcel senders

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Loyalty scheme, backed up by targeted marketing across 11,500 branches, sees Post Office challenge the highly competitive parcel market during the peak trading of Christmas.

Online children’s fashion resale platform uses pop-up stores to increase visibility and spread its message of sustainability

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Sarah said: “Pop ups are an integral part of our marketing strategy and part of the omnichannel experience that we want to provide to our customers. Sarah said: “ We chose the location based on the demographics of our customers and our goals in terms of target market.

The Role of Retail Displays During the Pandemic and Beyond

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This means instead of encouraging discovery of multiple items, brands should consider promoting less SKUs on a display, but with more focused marketing for the items or category of products. This year’s pandemic has altered everything from the way we work to the way we shop.

5 Ways To Maximize Retail Business Financing

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Market Your Brand Wisely . If you want to make the most of your business funds, you have to be smart about marketing, too. Social media marketing can be performed at a low cost with favorable results.

Sales Manager-MEA

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Researching to identify potential business opportunities/target markets for products and services. Work in conjunction with Marketing to ensure campaign delivery objectives and proper competitive positioning for V-Count Technology. Sales Manager-MEA.

Inventory Management Workshop

DMS Retail

In this brand new Inventory Management Workshop ONLINE , you’ll get the benefit of a comprehensive program which covers all aspects of the Buying, Inventory Control and Category Management functions as well as Online and Digital Marketing, and much more. Category Marketing Strategies.

Making the Most of Store Visits Post-Pandemic

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The pandemic challenged any retailer that “over-expanded” its physical footprint in previous years to right the ship and ensure its remaining stores were properly tailored to the target market.

You Can’t Spell Retail Without AI

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From backend inventory optimization to identifying salesfloor hotspots to highly targeted marketing programs, we’re seeing an influx of great retailing practices, all being driven by AI.

Future of Services: Micro-Factory and Retail in One

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In this case, any target marketing would have to be assessed early on from a high-level addressable market to optimize one’s costs for a healthy ROI. The service industry is on the cusp of trying to redefine itself in the new age of retail.

RetailWire: Cheers For Lululemon’s MIRROR Acquisition, But Is The Pricing Right?

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Acquiring MIRROR moves their physical connection with customers into the home and — better yet — it even adds a new sales and marketing channel for their products with customers while they engage in activity that uses those products!

8 Ways Demographic Analysis Solutions Benefit Your Business

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According to this data, store managers can optimize marketing activities to accommodate the customer base. Managers can measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and tailor advertising techniques to customers’ gender trends to boost conversions.

The Iconic prompts industry to ‘take notice’ of people with disabilities

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With the introduction of The Iconic’s Adaptive Edit, I think we will start seeing major psychological, emotional and commercial benefits to many,” Sadler told Inside Retail , saying this segment (20 per cent) of the market has been largely ignored until recently. “It’s

Common Mistakes New Companies Make When Managing Customer Service In-House

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Are you targeting the right people with your products or services? You can also gain a better understanding of what your target demographics are actually looking for. Are you offering the right products and services for your target market?

International Sales Manager

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Researching to identify potential business opportunities/target markets for products and services. Work in conjunction with Marketing to ensure campaign delivery objectives and proper competitive positioning for V-Count Technology. International Sales Manager.

Understanding the British Consumer and How To Reach Them


The good news for international businesses targeting the U.K. For example, the influential marketer CACI classifies British consumers into six groups on this basis (as well as many subgroups), with three groups looking particularly interesting to international companies selling into the U.K.: