Top 7 Best Retail Marketing Books for Brands and Retailers


Retail is a challenging industry, considering how much it changed in the last few years. In this article, we are going to present the best 7 retail marketing books. retail marketing future of retail shopper experience

Apac tipped to fuel global airport retail market recovery

Inside Retail

Asia Pacific’s airport retail market is projected to grow to US$33.8 billion by 2026, driving the global market to $63.4 per cent this year, resulting in a boost in retail sales. Latest Sectors Top Stories Travel retail GlobalData


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4 trends impacting retail marketing strategies

Retail Dive

Brands are looking beyond Facebook and Google — and sometimes resurfacing older channels — to advertise

How online shopping has changed the car retail market

Retail Times

Retail News Retailer News car retail marketThere has been a significant change in the auto industry in the last few years that has transformed the way in which people buy cars.

Retail Marketing in a Recession UK: 10 tips from experts

With a recession predicted, retail is often the hardest hit. Marketing is crucial to remain prosperous once economic difficulties have subsided, but investing in the right places is critical. Here are 10 expert tips for retail marketing in a recession.

How to succed at retail marketing in 2022


The retail industry is ever-changing and the demands of the customers are increasing as we speak. retail marketingActually, during the pandemic, 75% of customers mentioned that they changed the brands they bought.

Actionable insights increase return on investment in retail marketing

Inside Retail

The turbulent retail patterns and panic-buying of Covid-19 have changed the way Australian brands and retailers make short- and long-term strategic decisions. Powerful retail solutions are driven by genuine data-driven insight.

Channelling success in a competitive retail market

365 Retail

This creates significant challenges for retailers and brands which are increasingly responding by taking an opti-channel approach to activation and measurement. With the growth of Retail Media networks, this is becoming more and more accessible for brands.

Retail Marketing: 5 Ways To Promote Your Online Business


Advertising haunts consumers on literally every site, making it difficult for retailers to attract attention today. The post Retail Marketing: 5 Ways To Promote Your Online Business first appeared on Omnichannel Retailing Hub by Rain Retail Software.

How NFTs are Influencing the Retail Market

Retail Pro

In so doing, they are also becoming a substantial part of retail. An NFT is a unique, “bespoke” item that by its very nature fits right into the … Continue reading → The post How NFTs are Influencing the Retail Market first appeared on Retail Pro Blog.

UK convenience retail market set to return to turnover growth this year

Talking Retail

According to the new Lumina Intelligence UK Convenience Market Report 2022, the UK convenience market is forecast to reach a value of £45.2bn in 2022, growth of +3.2% The market. This story continues at UK convenience retail market set to return to turnover growth this year.

Elevate Commercial Real Estate Retail Marketing with Digital Platforms

Shopping Center

By Angela Sweeney, executive director of Pylot™, a digital platform from Imaginuity Commercial real estate retail marketers today must navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape. Features Industry Content Marketing Operations Retail Insight Retailers

5 things to look for when choosing a Retail Marketing Agency


Marketing is an essential part of any business, especially in the retail industry. If you want customers to hear about your products, then marketing is the answer to your questions. retail marketing

Successful Retail Marketing Requires a Skilled ‘Data Translator’

Retail TouchPoints

Mastering data is critical for retailers, particularly those serving specialty areas. The ability to reach consumers at the moments in time when they’re likely to make — or at least consider — key purchase decisions is the ultimate marketing challenge.

3 Ways Livestreaming is Shaking Up the Retail Marketing Playbook

Retail TouchPoints

As retailers shift more of their attention and dollars to digital content and community-building activities, livestreaming has moved into the spotlight. and global brands to consider its role in their marketing playbooks.

The Backroom: Just how competitive are retail markets?

Retail Dive

A talk with author and antitrust expert Sally Hubbard about what shifts in competition policy and enforcement could mean for the retail industry writ large

The role of returnable transit packaging in supporting ?the 2021 omnichannel retail market

Retail Focus

The struggles of the UK high street and the acceleration of retail sales from ‘bricks to clicks’ have never been more apparent than during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jon Walkington, Retail and System Integrator Sales Director, Schoeller Allibert UK.

Best Retail Marketing Tips for 2019

Retail Next

Needless to say, the online retail industry has gotten bigger. While it brings great opportunities for entrepreneurs, the stiff competition in the market, plus the enormous demand for high-quality service, make succeeding in this industry challenging too. Leverage email marketing.

Why Retail Marketers Should Think of AI as a ‘Team Member Who Has Superpowers’

Retail TouchPoints

Today’s consumer exhibits little patience with retailers that don’t understand them on a deep, personal level. Retailers that can understand and connect with their customers on these more personal levels get a great chance to realign potential mistargets into new opportunities. “If

Cheetah Digital Offers A Suite Of Tools For Retail Marketers

Retail TouchPoints

Cheetah Digital , a customer engagement solution provider, offers the Customer Engagement Suite to help retailers create impactful, personalized experiences that can deliver value across every touch point of the customer lifecycle.

Amazon holds 42 percent of the online retail market

Retail Wire

market share of e-commerce spending and 60 percent of the platform’s total sales, according to eMarketer. Amazon’s direct sales represent another 17 percent of the market. Sellers on’s marketplace account for 25 percent of the total U.S.

Northern Irish Retail Market ends 2021 on a high

A1 Retail

The owner of two major retail schemes in Northern Ireland have reported the highest month of sales on record in December at its premier outlet, The Boulevard, as well as an annual growth in sales of 23% compared to the same trading period in 2019.

Retail Marketing Tips For International Chains

365 Retail

If you manage a retail chain that is either currently operating internationally or is looking to do so, then you will need to look at your marketing campaign. This article will explore marketing tips to get you thinking. Marketing Translation.

Northern Irish retail market ends 2021 on a high

Retail Times

The owner of two major retail schemes in Northern Ireland has reported the highest month of sales on record in December at its premier outlet, The Boulevard, as well as an annual growth in sales of 23% compared to the same trading period in 2019.

Commerce Signals Uses Transaction-Based Data to Help Streamline Retail Marketing Efforts

Retail TouchPoints

Digital Marketing Solution Spotlight commerce signals marketing solution spotlightOmnichannel payment intelligence solution Commerce Signals has launched a transaction-based segmentation library to help digital advertisers reach high-value audiences.

6 Ways to boost sales with better segmentation in your retail marketing

Retail Pro

Knowing your customers is key to creating effective marketing campaigns and promotions. Continue reading → The post 6 Ways to boost sales with better segmentation in your retail marketing first appeared on Retail Pro Blog.

Why Retailer Market Fit Is Important For A Product Startup

Retail Bound

Don’t get me wrong, getting your product into several thousand stores can be great, but if you’re not ready to handle that business your retail dreams may be short-lived. Here are some things to think about when planning your retail alignment for long term product growth.

5 New Ways Retail Marketers Can Utilize Location Data This Year

Retail TouchPoints

While location intelligence has been almost synonymous with measuring foot traffic to stores, there are much broader applications that retailers and marketers should incorporate into their strategies this new year.

How to Develop a Retail Marketing Personalization Roadmap in 5 Steps

Retail TouchPoints

Here are five achievable steps to developing a retail marketing personalization roadmap that will boost your profitability by helping you define your personalization goals, timelines and leaders. Which of your business goals will improved marketing personalization impact?

How to Create Innovative Merchandising Solutions for CPGs and Retail

Miller Zell

61 ranking on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ , and a big reason for its 2,742% growth was increased retail distribution. Retail End-to-End Services Retail Marketing Retail Marketing Solutions (RMS In November of 2021, Therabody earned a No.

New York City’s Retail Market Shifting into High Gear for 2022


And for better or worse, 2021 was a most memorable year for New York retailers. Midtown’s landscape is replete with vacant storefronts once teeming with retail activity and popular restaurants. Retailers from every sector are getting back into the race.

Digitized In-Store Shopping Experiences are the Future of Retail Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

retail sales surged 9.8% , thanks to a third stimulus check and the gradual relaunch of in-store shopping. Going forward, digital will bleed into the in-person shopping experience, and retailers will explore new ways to individually target customers in-store the same way they do online.

How to Write an Effective Retail Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps

Retail Next

The retail market continues to grow rapidly. Over the past couple of years, the strategy of retailers has changed markedly. These tasks can be combined into a competent retail marketing strategy, and in this article we will cover the main points that must be developed within it.

PayPoint launches free retailer marketing support for growing digital voucher category

Retail Times

PayPoint has announced the launch of further marketing support for its retailer partners to promote the growing digital voucher category, with six big brands, including Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Paysafecard, Neosurf and Love2Shop with more major brands to follow later this year.

The Chinese Retail Market: Pop-up Stores and Massclusivity

Store Front

It was all part of a marketing technique which, as you may suspect, proved to work perfectly when the club actually opened its doors to the public. While this technique is questionable, if not plain wrong, it does teach us one thing which many in retail are acutely aware of: exclusivity is attractive. Developments in the Chinese market. Pop-up stores, which are a textbook example of hunger marketing, fit such a consumer culture perfectly.

EY announces Amber Mace as new UK&I consumer products & retail market segment leader

Retail Times

EY has announced the appointment of Amber Mace as the UK & Ireland market segment leader for its consumer products & retail sector. People EY

Latest online spending data signals new norm for retail market, says Colliers

Retail Times

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics shows online sales, as a proportion of total retail sales, have reached 25.5% for two consecutive months (June and July 2021), which according to Colliers’ analysts marks a step-change in consumer behaviour and could signal a new norm in spending habits for the retail market.

Stravito strengthens global leadership with key management hires, accelerating expansion into retail market

Retail Times

Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research for the world’s largest retail companies, amongst others, continues to build out its global leadership team following its $14.6 Stravito has appointed Laura Lockley as VP of customer success, and Will Gardiner as VP of marketing.

IGD publishes trend predictions for the global retail market in 2022

Retail Times

Global insight provider IGD has published its predictions for the global retail trends that are set to shape the international food and consumer goods industry in 2022. Retail News Retail Technology Retailer News IGD

7 Tips To Improve Your Store Sales Via Your Website And Social Media

The Retail Doctor

Marketing Social Media webdesign facebook Retail Marketing StrategyI remember when a local business group asked me to present for half a day and the focus became social media.

Nearly two-thirds of US consumers welcome personalized retailer marketing, Wunderkind reports

Retail Times

which found significant gaps between brand strategy, consumer desire and the channels that best foster meaningful consumer-retailer engagement. COVID-19 has changed how consumers shop and discover brands. To shed light on the relationship between consumers and their preferred brands, Wunderkind, a leading consumer engagement platform that scales one-to-one messages for top brands, commissioned a national study of more than 2,000 consumers across the U.S.,

Black Friday: 70% of retail marketers are concerned about technical issues this sales season

Retail Technology Review

Although a majority of retailers have invested in better digital shopping solutions following Covid-19, a staggering 70% of retail marketers are still worried that their technology will hinder their success this sales season. Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Disruptive Dutch scale-up sets sights on UK retail market

Retail Technology Review

Omnia Retail, the pricing and online marketing automation software provider, has launched in the UK with a dedicated London office. Internet Retailing