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Mobile Media Labs Helps Retail Marketers Enable Results-Driven Campaigns

Retail TouchPoints

Mobile Media Labs solutions are designed to help retail marketers connect with publishers looking to monetize their traffic in order to help retailers acquire new customers despite strained budgets.

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Top 7 Best Retail Marketing Books for Brands and Retailers


Retail is a challenging industry, considering how much it changed in the last few years. In this article, we are going to present the best 7 retail marketing books. That’s why it is important to keep up with the latest trends.


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How retail marketing strategies boost your sales

CJ Retail Solutions

Here at CJ retail we want to help you get the best from your retail marketing. Here we will look at some retail marketing strategies that will help you to boost your sales. Retail outlets can conduct market research which can help to correlate date from their potential customers including buying pattens.

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From China to India, how the world’s retail markets stack up: report

Inside Retail

China is the world’s largest retail market, accounting for almost 50 per cent of global retail transactions. Despite sales remaining below the pre-pandemic level and weak consumer sentiment, retail growth is expected to reach 5 per cent from 2022 to 2027. It was valued at $3.8

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Retail Marketing in a Recession UK: 10 tips from experts

With a recession predicted, retail is often the hardest hit. Marketing is crucial to remain prosperous once economic difficulties have subsided, but investing in the right places is critical. Here are 10 expert tips for retail marketing in a recession.

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The Strongest Retail Marketing Strategies That Appeal to Students

Retail Focus

The post The Strongest Retail Marketing Strategies That Appeal to Students appeared first on Retail Focus - Retail Design.

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Zulily Shuts Down and Exits the Retail Market

Retail Wire

Zulily, an online retail platform specializing in women's and children's apparel, has announced that it's closing its doors for good.