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Guest Post: Employee Engagement and CX: 5 Strategies to Build Synergy


He writes about how employee engagement and customer experience can enhance business performance. The reality is that the connection (or lack thereof) between employee engagement and customer experience can seriously impact business performance.

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Zoho Workplace Promises Enhanced Communication and Employee Engagement

Small Biz Trends

Users can access insights such as the average attendance of each department and employee engagement with shared files. Zoho Workplace includes a plethora of intelligence and analytics beneath most apps to give administrators an extra hand in deciding how much flexibility they can offer their employees. Analytics.


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5 Tips For Boosting Retail Employee Engagement

Retail Next

Long-serving employees make fewer mistakes, work more efficiently, and contribute vastly more than fresh hires ever can. So how do you convince retail employees to stick around for quite some time? You keep them engaged. Employee engagement lifts productivity and job satisfaction. Let’s begin.

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Internet Congestion Destroys Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

Retail Customer Experience

When daily mobile orders suddenly decline for no apparent reason, when lines grow because the POS and the Kiosk transaction slow down dramatically, and/or when employees express frustration about doing simple things like clocking in or trying to complete video training, the likely culprit is congestion in the store network.

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Redefining retail frontline operations: How PetSmart continues to evolve employee engagement

Retail Dive

Like many retailers where the majority of associates aren't at a computer, PetSmart evolved their internal communications channels to ensure they could reach all associates across stores, distribution centers (DCs) and home offices.

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Retail safety tracking: Improving employee engagement and retention

Retail Dive

Workplace safety is important in every industry. For this reason, retailers are increasingly incorporating the power of safety management systems (SMS).

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Rite Aid Makes Employees the Stars of New Ad Campaign

Retail TouchPoints

Rite Aid has launched its new ‘It Means More’ to celebrate its employees, who represent the company’s “steadfast focus on creating meaningful interactions,” according to a company statement.