E-commerce apps lose pandemic luster: report

Retail Dive

New research shows downloads and marketing spending is declining amid shifts in consumer behaviors, data privacy changes and recession fears

Brockmans, the ‘Properly Improper Gin’, is stirred but never shaken by new ad campaign

Retail Times

Brockmans Gin is launching a bold new communications campaign as part of a £3million global marketing spend. Alcoholic drinks Product Time Spirits Brockmans Gin


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Can Shopper Marketing Analytics Answer the ROI Question?


Like most shopper marketers, you are working hard to create the best plans with the budget that you have that satisfy your brand team expectations and drive sales at your retailers making your sales team happy.

Tod’s says China lockdowns won’t derail 2022 results

Inside Retail

Chief Financial Officer Emilio Macellari said that a 40 per cent sales decline in the second quarter in the country – a key market for luxury groups – was a possibility, but it would depend on how long the curbs last.

Connected packaging to become main way brands communicate with customers

A1 Retail

54% have already incorporated connected experiences into their marketing plans. 59% plan to increase overall investment in digital marketing spend in 2022. With over half (54%) of respondents claiming to have already incorporated connected experiences into their marketing plans and 85% confident that they would become increasingly important to the packaging industry in the next 12 months and beyond.

Retail data analytics – delivering insights for innovation

I Vend

Retail data analytics is at the heart of personalised marketing, and pricing management – two key strategies which drive improved results. Retailers who offer a personalised customer experience get 20% better results than those who do traditional marketing.

The Future of Retail Takes a Digital Shift to Omnichannel Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

Finally, the once-static world of retail marketing is transforming. In the face of rising acquisition costs, these marketplaces have replaced DTC as the go-to platform for effective media spend, burying retailers further down the list. How Marketers can Approach Spend Strategically.

What’s Driving the Explosion of Retail Media (and How to Get in on the Action) 

Retail TouchPoints

Next year, [retail media] will be about $50 billion in media spend, which is about 25% of all digital media, and we’re seeing forecasts of around $100 billion by 2026.”. Macy’s RMN hit the market in 2020 and quickly generated $105 million in revenue in 2021.

Sticker Shock: DTC Marketing Omnichannel Pivots are Pricey, but Drive Long-Term Profit and Stability

Retail TouchPoints

There’s been a great deal of hand-wringing around the advertising industry lately as brands deal with rising marketing costs. Marketing budgets are 9.5% Direct-to-consumer brands in particular have been hit hard, with many reporting huge increases in marketing spend in Q1. .

Why retail media has become the next big tool in performance marketing

Inside Retail

Right now, we’re seeing a once-in-a-generation shift that is opening the doors to a major new advertising opportunity for retailers and brands,” explains Troy Townsend, co-founder and chief innovation officer at The Pistol , a leader in marketing technologies and services.

Behind Cotton On Group’s big investment in customer data

Inside Retail

The platform promises to enable the Australian retail giant to flesh out individual customer profiles with information from its e-commerce site and other sources, and give individual brands the ability to make data-driven decisions about marketing content and spend. “In

Foot Locker Deepens Relationship with Adidas as Both Retailers Focus on Digital Offerings

Retail TouchPoints

Nike products accounted for nearly two-thirds of total supplier spend for Foot Locker in Q4 2021, but Foot Locker is aiming to diversify its product portfolio as Nike pushes away from some retail partners to focus on its own DTC business and new store concepts.

Dr Esho launches social media ready clinic in brand new FLANNELS store

365 Retail

Dr Esho MD, founder of ESHO , says: “We launched ESHO in 2021 with minimal marketing spend and the success we’ve achieved to date is testament to the efficacy of the product range. This week, ESHO.,

Revealed: MyDeal’s roadmap to tackle the $8.1bn online homewares market

Inside Retail

billion online household goods market, which sits within the $67 billion Australian household goods market. It’s MyDeal acquiring market share in the current market, and we’re quite comfortable with where we sit in the market right now.”.

In-store customer experience – a top retail focus for 2021

I Vend

What I am hearing, and is supported by expert 3 rd party research, is a consistent pattern of four key priorities: in-store customer experience, knowledgeable staff, personalised loyalty programs and social media marketing.

Learn to Build Revenue with an Affiliate Marketing Course

Small Biz Trends

Affiliate marketing is the most popular business in 2022. There are a lot of offerings online for affiliate marketing courses that anyone seeking extra income can take. Affiliate Marketing Course. Beginner Affiliate Marketing To Start In 1 Day – For 2022.

From personalisation to platters: Q&A with In The Roundhouse’s Alyce Tran

Inside Retail

Alyce Tran is an entrepreneur, having co-founded personalised luxury maker The Daily Edited, before starting her homewares brand In The Roundhouse and joining influencer marketing firm LTK to help brands reach their target audience.

Why Hello Drinks has ditched the warehouse for the cloud

Inside Retail

While we don’t have the budgets of the supermarkets, their marketing spend is bringing new customers to the category, [and] we have had some success in intercepting their traffic to showcase our independent business.

Are you reaching the right shopper?

Markerketing Experts

Many marketers and salespeople say their activities lead to noticeable sales improvements but it may not be with the right shopper. Either way, these deal buyers swallow up the vast majority of the money that marketers spend on promotions. Retail marketing

‘Indecision is the hardest part’: Retailers react to Sydney lockdown 2.0

Inside Retail

St Frock founder and CEO Sandradee Makejev is also adding an extra promotion and increasing her marketing spend over the next two weeks after learning in the last lockdown that staying connected with customers is the most important thing. “A

Mejuri Leverages Real-Time Profitability Data to Inform Decision-Making

Retail TouchPoints

“With COVID and recent market dynamics, tracking variable costs in real time becomes even more important. “Shopper behavior is also less predictable today, requiring more creative experimentation in merchandising and marketing.

New survey system U Ask sidesteps fraudulent research manipulation

Inside Retail

FMCG brands engaging in market research tend to need factual information from real purchasers to yield insights useful to campaigns and product development – anything less is simply unusable. So it’s a better form of market research.

How Much Do Influencers Make Per Post?

Small Biz Trends

Or maybe you’re one of these experts yourself trying to figure out your influencer marketing budget. Either way, you understand the importance of influencer marketing pricing. How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost? But you should be aware the global market is worth $13.8

How to win over the modern savvy shopper

Inside Retail

It’s time for marketers to change tack. To engage the value-conscious consumer, it’s time to consider more effective marketing initiatives and strategies to win, through programs that offer acquisition, increased frequency, and long-term loyalty, like Cashrewards.

Driving Marketing ROI Through Microsegmentation

Retail TouchPoints

Prior to her current role as VP of Data Analytics & Customer Insights at Amyris , a biology company in the clean beauty, health and wellness and flavors/fragrances markets, she held ecommerce and digital marketing roles at brands like Coca-Cola and Unilever.

5 Tips for Recession-Proofing Your Sales Process

Small Biz Trends

Your marketing team can create an interactive product demo on your website, giving prospects the chance to explore features at their own pace. Invest in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Your sales team will spend less time chasing the wrong accounts.

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Enhance the Customer Experience

Shep Hyken

Marketers spend a lot of time and creativity designing loyalty programs while also influencing new customers to form loyalties in the face of intense competition from other players.” .

How Ecommerce Retailers Can Prepare Now for Back-to-School 2022

Retail TouchPoints

Personalize Your Back-to-School Marketing. Worse, 34% will share something negative about the retailer on social media after a decline, which can steer other potential customers away from that store and increase the amount the retailer must spend to bring in new customers.

How Gucci and Ikea are using AR to drive sales

Inside Retail

According to an International Data Corporation (IDC) study, AR is anticipated to see compound annual growth rates of up to 135 per cent in retail market spend by 2023, and Snap is eager to get a slice of the pie.

Why Retail Needs More Empathetic Leaders 

Retail TouchPoints

If management actively practices empathy it will spread throughout the organisation and eventually each customer, who will notice it and choose to spend more money with you. With very little marketing spend we are seeing queues for lunch and breakfast every day!

How Sustainable Brands can Connect with the True Champions of Their Cause

Retail TouchPoints

Eco-friendly retail brands and marketers of ‘green’ products face a unique challenge that not many industries encounter. Doesn’t having consumer overestimate their true desire for your product sound like every marketer’s dream?

Short-Form Video and UGC are Reshaping the Realm of Influencer Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

If you spend any time at all on social media it’s hard to escape influencers, and there’s a good reason for that — they are incredibly compelling, both to consumers and advertisers. On the advertiser side, 48% of influencer marketing budgets were spent on Instagram in 2021.

Influencers: A Secret Weapon for Tackling Supply Chain Challenges

Retail TouchPoints

But Lindsay Jerutis, GM for ShopStyle Collective , believes that marketing and social teams are overlooking a significant opportunity: using influencers to sway product demand and respond to product availability challenges. The influencer marketing industry is poised to reach $16.2

Are You Being Served? The Importance of Customer Experience

Retail Assist

For example, some of our retail clients ran personal shopping events after trading hours, and not only have they increased spending value, but developed strong and loyal relationships with these customers, increasing customer life time value.

‘Lead with design’: The secret ingredient that turns startups into unicorns

Inside Retail

Nowadays, with social media and the numerous messages our world is bombarded with, it’s the reverse: You must build a memorable connection with the brand first, then promote the product, to avoid wasted marketing spending and over-capitalising on an idea without proper user feedback.

Where are you on the Journey to Real-Time Personalization?

Retail TouchPoints

And brands are incentivized to deliver on those expectations: According to McKinsey, businesses that are proficient in personalization boost their revenue by 5% to 15% and their marketing-spend efficiency by 10% to 30%, yet only 15% of CMOs think they’re on target to deliver personalized experiences.

3 Expert Perspectives on Why Margin, Experience and Loyalty Will be Key to Winning Holiday 2022

Retail TouchPoints

Retailers are planning to cut back in one area: marketing. Companies plan to spend 30% of their marketing budget during the holidays, down from 36% in 2021. Shoppers are Ready to Spend, but Retailers Need to Bring Them in.

How Data Security Shifts are Driving New Marketing Mandates

Retail TouchPoints

But as more outside forces shine a spotlight on how those behaviors are turned into data that is leveraged for monetary gain, consumers are looking for more control over their information — and marketers are scrambling to keep pace. “I’ve adults and 125 marketers.

Retail Sales of ‘As Seen On TV’ Products Set to Explode Post-COVID

Retail TouchPoints

Given unprecedented levels of ASONTV spend in 2020, there will be a significant pent-up consumer demand for these extensively advertised products. Ad Spend and Product Popularity. The more the ASONTV marketer spends, the higher the eventual retail sales should be.

How Brands Can Connect with Shoppers


We often think of the connection between brands and customers as something that’s done through marketing. That means your supply chain, in-store experience, digital channels, marketing, and more have to be aligned with what your target consumers really want.

How to Market Your Brand During a Recession


Recent economic reports highlight market issues like higher inflation, interest rate hikes, lower consumption, layoffs, and reduced hiring. Many factors remain within a brand’s control, including marketing efforts. Five Marketing Strategies For Coming Out Of The Recession Stronger.

3 Mistakes for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers to Avoid

Retail TouchPoints

But as brick-and-mortar businesses continue to navigate this uncharted retail landscape, there are a number of potential pitfalls they should avoid: Letting your guard down : Yes, we’re all growing frustrated from spending so much time at home.

4 Tips for Driving Digital Sales in Hyper-Dynamic Markets

Retail TouchPoints

According to recent Statista Market Outlook reports, the global transaction value of digital payments is as follows: 2020: $5.2 In fact, statistics at every step of the sales funnel show that retailers can only capture a very small portion of the total available market.