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Inventory Turnover Ratio: Calculation + How to Improve (2023)


What is inventory turnover and how can you calculate it? Learn everything you need to know about inventory turnover ratios in this article.

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What is Inventory Turnover in Retail? (Formulas, Benchmarks, Examples)


One of the key inventory metrics retailers track is inventory turnover. Inventory turnover measures how many times a company sells and replaces its inventory during a period. It indicates how efficiently inventory is managed and whether excess inventory is tying up too much capital.


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3 Key Retail Metrics and How Supply Chain Readjustments Can Help

Retail TouchPoints

Inventory Turnover Definition: The speed at which a business sells and replenishes its inventory during a given period, also known as “stock turn.” However, high or low inventory turnover can also be attributed to how quickly or slowly a retailer can move their goods around.

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Maximizing Cash Flow


In the context of furniture retail, where capital investments in inventory can be substantial, proactive cash flow management is crucial for maintaining financial stability and seizing growth opportunities. Inventory turnover, or inventory turns, is defined as the inventory turnover ratio.

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Why Data Will Drive the Future of Inventory Management

Retail TouchPoints

Tools can enable retailers to connect and correlate all inventory data with external events. They can then proactively deal with inbound disruptions, measure inventory turnover velocity and cut back on overstocking. Data processing problems Having data that you can’t interpret effectively is no better than having no data.

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Racing Safety Manufacturer Improves Multi-Location Operations with an All-in-One ERP

Global Shop

This innovation enabled the ERP to automatically update inventory and record sales in real time, further simplifying the inventory process. Best of Both Worlds Managing multiple locations as if they were one has not only improved Simpson’s inventory turnover but also helped them achieve significant cost savings.

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Fashion Goes Tech: Digitalization in retail (1)

Fashion Retail

In other words, no footfall, no conversion, no inventory turnover, frozen cash flows, no business. In a business like fashion, it also means that you are increasing inventories and reducing the probabilities of selling it … More Fashion Goes Tech: Digitalization in retail (1). Empty streets, no traffic, stores closed.

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