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Kmart MD talks Target merger, shrinkage, and adapting to customer behaviour

Inside Retail

While value for money is undoubtedly a large focus for retailers moving forward, stamping out shrinkage is another. Bailey, however, noted that while Kmart Group also saw shrinkage increase year-over-year it is “still well within the normal range”. Target of theft ?

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Don’t Blame Shrinkage: Why Poor Digital Strategy Might Be Responsible for Retail Uncertainty

365 Retail

Don’t Blame Shrinkage: Why Poor Digital Strategy Might Be Responsible for Retail Uncertainty While retail is a cyclical industry, it’s important to be honest about transformations, negative and positive, in the industry. Certainly, these elements make an impact.

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Design to Reduce Shrinkage, Not Sales

Miller Zell

Discover how purposeful store design can enhance the shopping experience while reducing shrinkage.

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How retailers can combat shrink and create an enjoyable shopping experience

Inside Retail

Retailers face continual challenges with increasingly sophisticated shoplifters causing in-store ‘shrinkage’. The FoxTag detacher is designed with additional security features to help reduce stock shrinkage and increase store profitability.

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Shrink costs retailers over $94B in 2021: NRF

Retail Dive

In response to shrinkage concerns, retailers expect to spend more on loss prevention and technology, a new NRF survey found.

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How Best Buy Is Winning the War Against Retail Theft

Retail Wire

While major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Dick’s have raised concerns about rising retail theft, Best Buy has managed to maintain a stable rate of shrinkage, according to CEO Corie Barry.

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Trigo: how retailers can use autonomous retail technology to reduce shoplifting

Retail Times

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