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Datalogic’s Magellan 9800i TDi guarantees a high-speed check-out experience

Inside Retail

The scanner can read information from bar codes. The device is the latest offering from Italy-headquartered Datalogic Group, widely considered a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets – a firm that employs 2800 staff globally and currently distributes to 27 countries. The Magellan 9800i TDi.

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Growing quality wine grapes with less water

Cisco Retail

Installing the sensors and gateways was as simple as scanning their bar codes,” Chris told me. Installing sensors and gateways is as simple as scanning their bar codes, and sensors even come with batteries. gateways that collect data from sensors, and a cloud-based dashboard to view data.

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QR Codes are Making the Comeback of the Century


QR codes as we know them today were initially released in 1994 by Denso Wave Inc. QR Codes are images that smartphone cameras can scan to access a URL, unique product, or service information, not unlike a bar code. For many years, QR Codes mostly faded their way into obscurity.

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InPost boosts convenient delivery options in new partnership with eBay

A1 Retail

All sellers have to do is scan their bar code and drop the parcel off – with the whole process taking a matter of seconds. InPost Lockers offer a hassle-free solution, saving sellers’ time by avoiding long queues in physical stores. 250 InPost Lockers across the UK will be co-branded with eBay, to celebrate the partnership.

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EXACTLY How to Create a QR Code

Small Biz Trends

Essentially a QR code is a machine-scannable image similar to a bar code that can be immediately read using a smartphone camera. QR codes come with several black-and-white symbols placed horizontally and vertically which convey certain pieces of information.

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4 Ways to Improve Productivity on the Shop Floor

Global Shop

With GS Mobile you can: Enter transactions directly from the floor Quickly locate parts and materials using a handheld device Enter transactions from anywhere in the plan Eliminate data entry errors with bar-coded labels Perform faster inventory and cycle counting Customize transactions Increase data accuracy GS Mobile also facilitates seamless bin-to-bin (..)

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How Retailers can Combat Inventory Shrinkage with Drone-Powered Warehouse Monitoring

Retail TouchPoints

The drones photograph pallets (day or night); machine learning (ML) algorithms read bar codes and text and show warehouse management system (WMS) discrepancies in real time. To ensure accurate inventory, Stadium Goods and Barrett are using AI-powered autonomous drones for cycle counting.

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