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Suggestive Selling and Upselling Techniques for Winning Retailers


For many retailers, the answer to the first part— buy more —is suggestive selling or upselling. But from the other perspective, that of brand or retailer, suggestive selling or upselling can be requirements in order to drive sales. What is the Difference Between Suggestive Selling and Upselling?

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Wendy’s To Test Dynamic Pricing

RIS News

Beginning as early as 2025, Wendy’s will begin testing dynamic pricing along with AI-enabled menu changes and suggestive selling. Get the details.


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[Webinar] Increasing Your Share of Shelf with Suggestive Selling


It’s about more than just having your products available; it’s about making them the go-to choice for consumers. That’s where suggestive selling comes in. This powerful strategy can be the difference between a product that merely exists on a shelf and one that flies off it. How Does It Work? We appreciate it.

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NOT Your Dad’s Supply Chain: 4 Trends Every Retail Exec Should Know for 2024

Retail TouchPoints

Suggestive selling drives incredible value for retail brands – especially those in lifestyle or image. Inventory isn’t moving itself; skilled floor teams are the difference between turns and aging inventory. Especially in apparel, this can be an incredible drag on margins.

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10 Ways the Pandemic Impacted Adult Beverage Consumption


Suggestive selling. To take advantage of the ability to sell to-go cocktails, restaurants have begun to incorporate suggestive selling to their order-taking processes, training their staff to recommend a cocktail as an add-on when a customer orders a meal.

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FMI says private brands continue to grow

Mass Relators

Retailers and suppliers mentioned several other improvements for private brands ecommerce such as search functionality prioritizing private brands offerings (80%), providing compelling product images (73%), tagging attributes in search, such as health and well-being and sustainability (65%) and utilizing suggestive selling in search results (53%).

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Personalization is a Key to Customer Loyalty


The most productive methods retailers are using to tailor the customer experience are suggested selling based on previous purchases (52%), personalized rewards based on customer loyalty (48%), personalized promotions (43%), and suggested selling based on online browsing history (41%).