6 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys: Online and In-Store


Set up merchandising displays where they’ll be most effective and optimize your planograms, facings, and other on-shelf elements to drive more sales. 2: Cross-merchandising. Another smart option for physical retailers is to lean into cross-merchandising.

What is a Category Reset


A category reset, sometimes known as a merchandising reset, is the process of rearranging the products in a given category to optimize product placement on shelves. Emphasize Visual Merchandising. Consider Cross-Merchandising Opportunities.


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Trends in Toys and Gifts at Baby Stores

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The nipple balm I keep over by the kids’ clothes, and I cross-merchandise them between our maternity clothing side and children’s clothing.”. Encouraging add-on sales means cross-merchandising for Bennett. “We We always cross-merchandise everything.

2021 IVC First Place: “Market by Macy’s” (In-Store Apparel Presentation)


Other notable visual elements, like feature walls and brand story cards, help shoppers connect with local brands and merchandise through storytelling, Novak explains. International Visual Competition apparel awards featured international visual competition Visual Merchandising

How Should Retailers Read the Mixed Re-opening Messages?

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One suggested retailers remove all merchandise from the sales floor and set up a show room featuring a sample of each item instead. Pay special attention to your front power walls and merchandise outposts, and cross-merchandise everywhere you can.

Selling Practical Gifts – Displaying Soaps and Candles

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With both candles and soaps, I do pull a few pieces out to tell a story and cross merchandise with other store items around a specific theme or holiday.” Recently we had a Valentine’s themed display in which I was cross-merchandising candles and soap with other gift items.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Category Insights


For example, end aisle, front of store, back of store, and cross merchandised with complementary products, can all produce different results in terms of display effectiveness. The pandemic has presented every organization with unique challenges.

What is Visual Merchandising?


This is where visual merchandising comes into play. What is Visual Merchandising? Visual merchandising is the practice of designing and displaying merchandise in a retail setting with the goal of engaging shoppers and boosting sales. Types of Visual Merchandising.

5 Ways to Make Your Store VISIBLE During the COVID-19 Shutdown

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It’s easy to forgo that basics when you are busy sanitizing the cash wrap 400 times a day, but merchandising isn’t something you can let slide. If we have learned anything during the COVID-19 shutdown it’s that you must work hard to stay in front of customers.

How to Knock Assortment Planning Out of the Park


Beyond the merchandising itself, assortment planning also refers to optimizing a store’s visual merchandising, layout, and the placement of the products. Consider Complementary Items for Cross Merchandising. This is how you find cross-selling opportunities.

The Eclectic World of Leon & Lulu

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You need others opinions as well or you could end up with a merchandise mix that does not resonate with all shoppers. During each sale, merchandise is marked down 30-90%. Customers and staff loved her new wardrobe, so those vendors became part of Leon & Lulu’s merchandise mix.

Elements of a Great Retail Display

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While we can’t make the days longer, we can help with the tools necessary to help you plan your visual merchandising, the big part of your store that keeps shoppers interested. Cross-merchandising – placing items together that complement one another – is another strong technique to embrace.

50 MORE Ideas to Spin the Doors on Your Stores!

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Chose a backdrop that makes the merchandise pop. People don’t start thinking about merchandise until they are at least 5-10’ inside the door, this means that the baskets and signs that fall within the decompression zone will completely missed on the way in. Cross merchandise everywhere.

Why Retailer Private Label Brands are Important and Why Product Manufacturers Should Care About It.

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This month we sat down with John Hilbelink from Parallel Retail Group to pick his brain about private label merchandising. I see on Linkedin you had 14+ years of merchandising experience at Target before joining Parallel Retail Group.

15 Things to Do RIGHT NOW to Get Your Store Ready for Holiday 2020

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Host our Cash Register receipt Auction by encouraging shoppers to save their receipts throughout the holidays because on Tuesday, December 8 th they will be able to redeem them for merchandise at your auction. And don’t forget to merchandise the wall behind the cash wrap with holiday gifts.

[Webinar] Retail Post-Pandemic: 6 Store Conditions Consumer Brands Need to Monitor to Win at the Register


Of course, all things being equal, having a shopper that’s ready to spend money in the store is more advantageous in some ways for the retailers then having field teams or third-party merchandisers in the store. Do have questions around how to improve in-store execution?