Sun.May 22, 2022

How to scale your e-commerce business

Inside Retail

Congratulations! So, you’ve managed to launch a successful e-commerce business. Now what? At EIZ, we know a thing or two about e-commerce. And that doesn’t just come from designing and developing technology solutions for the industry.

Former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Charged with PPP Loan Fraud

Small Biz Trends

Austin St. John, 47, McKinney, TX, is one of 18 people charged in a Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) fraud scheme that allegedly involved 16 loans and $3.5 million. John is best known as the original Red Power Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series. The series launched in 1993.


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10 Red Flags That May Indicate Your New Hire Is a Bad Fit

Small Biz Trends

All new hires should be given a fair chance to acclimate to their new position and get used to the way things are done within your company. However, after some time, you may start noticing signs that the onboarding period simply isn’t going well for your new employee.

Are You Achieving a Work-Life Balance? Not Even Close

Small Biz Trends

Americans spend a significant amount of time working and looking at screens, but the majority don’t take enough time off. Are You Achieving a Work-Life Balance? Not Even Close. Over the course of their lifetime, Americans spend, on average, 13.2 years working, and just 328 days socializing.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.