How to include disability in your advertising – without getting cancelled

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The inclusion of disabled talent in advertising is no longer considered simply a socially responsible thing that can boost a brand’s feel-good factor periodically. I’ve worked in some of Australia’s best advertising agencies for several years before acquiring multiple disabilities.

How retailers are getting more out of TikTok advertising

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To those who are only just getting up to speed with the advent of TikTok, the prospect of advertising and brand-building on the platform represents an as-yet-untapped opportunity. Successful TikTok advertising isn’t pitched in a top-down fashion.


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Kikkoman unveils autumn advertising plans

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This story continues at Kikkoman unveils autumn advertising plans. Kikkoman is launching a TV campaign this autumn, following the “success” of its Chinese New Year activity earlier this year.

Lendlease takes in-mall digital advertising in house

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Property group Lendlease has taken the management of small-format digital advertising displayed in its shopping malls and urban retail precincts in house, rather than contracting the task out to advertising agencies.

McDonald’s hit with breach of advertising rules over Instagram mix-up

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McDonald’s breached advertising rules when a radio host failed to specify whether an Instagram post was sponsored or not, according to Mumbrella. As such, the post was in breach of advertising standards. Business Latest Marketing Top Stories advertising McDonald's

TikTok Debuts Creative Exchange to Help Advertisers Create Platform-Specific Content

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The portal expands on a host of new advertising formats that TikTok rolled out in late September 2021. Through this new platform, we aim to equip advertisers with a suite of tools to speed up the creation of high-performing creative.”.

Fibre One unveils advertising campaign

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advertising campaign. This story continues at Fibre One unveils advertising campaign. Snack bar brand Fibre One is launching a £3.5m The “Crave Club” campaign is running across TV and video-on-demand platforms, supported by a social media strategy including influencer activity.

Funkin Cocktails serves up £1.2m advertising campaign

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Funkin Cocktails (, the UK’s leading cocktail brand which makes great tasting cocktails available to all, whenever and wherever they are, is launching its festive advertising campaign, the biggest advertising investment the brand has made in its 22-year history.

Government launches E10 advertising campaign 

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The government had launched a national advertising campaign ahead of the rollout of greener E10 fuel. This story continues at Government launches E10 advertising campaign .

‘Not enough to stop paid advertising’: Inside Lush’s decision to quit social

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It is not enough for companies to just stop placing paid advertising; people and their time are the currency of these channels and we do not want our content to be used by hidden algorithms designed to hold people captive on a channel.

Why Google’s Recent Shopping Blitz is as Much About Advertising as Ecommerce Expansion

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Google’s efforts thus far have yielded mixed results, but even if the company never seriously challenges other marketplaces in terms of sales or name recognition, any ground Google can gain in ecommerce is likely to fuel its primary money-maker: advertising.

Retail advertising beyond the cookies?


Online advertising is not going to look the same after 2023. Everybody loves cookies. However, in this article, we are going to talk about a different kind of cookie. Because Google announced last year that it is letting go of third-party cookies.

Government unveils new advertising rules to help tackle childhood obesity

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The government has unveiled new rules on advertising unhealthy foods online and before 9pm on TV across the UK after a public consultation. This story continues at Government unveils new advertising rules to help tackle childhood obesity.

Why do old-school in-store advertising tools no longer work?


In-store advertising is essential for both brands and retailers. in-store advertisingFMCG brands have the opportunity to promote their products, to capture the attention of customers and to increase brand awareness. Retailers want to sell more and increase their profit per square meter.

Weetabix supports back-to-school season with £2m advertising campaign

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Weetabix is kicking off an advertising campaign to “inspire kids and adults to enjoy the best possible start to the day as they head back to school and work”. Gareth Turner, This story continues at Weetabix supports back-to-school season with £2m advertising campaign.

Brixton Brewery unveils first out-of-home advertising campaign

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Craft beer brand Brixton Brewery has launched its first out-of-home advertising campaign. This story continues at Brixton Brewery unveils first out-of-home advertising campaign.

What Bill Clinton’s doughnut hole can teach us about advertising

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But talking like that weird dinner party berk is how advertising seems to talk these days. A great example of using common words to say uncommon things isn’t from advertising, but politics.

Children’s Advertising Review Unit Issues Revised Guidelines for Advertising to Children

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The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (“CARU”), a part of BBB National Programs (“BBBNP”), released its revised Children’s Advertising Guidelines earlier this month. CARU also separated its advertising and privacy guidance documents. native advertising”).

Cardlytics Bolsters Digital Advertising Offering with $275M Acquisition of Dosh

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Digital advertising platform Cardlytics has acquired cash-back offers platform Dosh for $275 million in cash and stock. Founded in 2016, Dosh is a transaction-based advertising platform that helps consumers earn cash back when they shop, dine or book hotels.

Walgreens Launches Personalization-Driven Advertising Group

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Walgreens has launched its own advertising offering, dubbed Walgreens Advertising Group (wag). The technology and Walgreens’ customer relationships can connect audiences to advertising platforms, enabling wag to deliver shopper reach across the digital ecosystem.

‘A Reckoning for the Advertising Industry’: The Death of Third-Party Tracking Opens New Opportunities for Retailers

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A new era of advertising is taking shape. A profound — and abrupt — shift is coming for everyone who uses the internet,” according to a new report from McKinsey & Co conducted in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). “By

Thorntons returns to TV with Christmas advertising campaign

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This story continues at Thorntons returns to TV with Christmas advertising campaign. Chocolate brand Thorntons is back on TV with a new advert for the first time in four years, as part of a £3.6m campaign that also features social media support.

Magners kicks off six-figure advertising campaign

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Magners Irish Cider is kicking off its first advertising campaign in four years. This story continues at Magners kicks off six-figure advertising campaign. The “When Time Bears Fruit” advert is running across TV, video-on-demand, digital and social media platforms.

Nomadic Dairy targets commuters with latest advertising campaign

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Nomadic Dairy is launching an out-of-home advertising campaign across tube and train stations across London. This story continues at Nomadic Dairy targets commuters with latest advertising campaign.

Online Survey Platforms Improve Advertising Testing Through Better ‘Listening’

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Online surveys have long reigned near the top of the ad testing toolkit by providing the fastest, most efficient way to gather valuable consumer feedback throughout the creative process.

Mr Porky kicks off advertising campaign

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Pork scratching brand Mr Porky is launching an advertising campaign to “engage lapsed consumers”. This story continues at Mr Porky kicks off advertising campaign.

What U.S. Advertisers can Learn from Chinese In-App Ecommerce Trends

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By including it after the first loop, users are more comfortable with the ad placement and it gives advertisers a very clear picture of who their top customer cohorts might be. Online shopping has become a way of life in China, accounting for over 36% of total retail sales.

Amazon lets advertisers send targeted messages for first time

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The e-commerce giant is testing a tool that lets marketers reach consumers in their inboxes with details about new products and promotions

Advertising campaign returns to get kids eating more healthily

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This story continues at Advertising campaign returns to get kids eating more healthily. A TV advert will launch the third year of Veg Power’s ‘Eat Them To Defeat Them’ campaign, which aims to inspire kids to eat more healthily and help tackle rising childhood obesity, on Saturday 29 May.

New York Bakery Co. kicks off £2m advertising campaign

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The “New York or Nothin’” campaign includes a 30-second TV advert and further advertising across print and social media, including influencer activity. kicks off £2m advertising campaign. Bagel brand New York Bakery Co.

The Key To Relevant Advertising In Times Of Uncertainty

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COVID-19 has not fundamentally changed advertising, but it has accelerated the pace of change. Data has been the core currency of advertising for some time, but mass messaging has still been the norm. That’s why advertising has not fundamentally changed.

ProCook lifts the lid on new TV advertising

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Following the recent success of its first television advertising campaign in five years, cookware, and kitchenware brand ProCook is set to unveil the next instalment of its culinary sequence, aiming to raise brand awareness among both seasoned cooks and enthusiastic beginners.

Walmart’s advertising business nearly doubles in Q2

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Walmart’s advertising business was a bright spot in the retailer’s strong second-quarter earnings report. advertising sales in the 13 weeks to July 31. The post Walmart’s advertising business nearly doubles in Q2 appeared first on MMR: Mass Market Retailers.

Irn-Bru focuses on flavour with advertising campaign

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This story continues at Irn-Bru focuses on flavour with advertising campaign.

Galbani kicks off advertising campaign ahead of mozzarella season

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Dairy company Lactalis UK & Ireland is launching an advertising campaign for its Galbani cheese brand. This story continues at Galbani kicks off advertising campaign ahead of mozzarella season.

How Small Teams Can Enforce Minimum Advertised Price Violations


When it comes to minimum advertised price monitoring, a smaller team doesn’t mean you can’t implement, monitor, and enforce MAP pricing across your reseller network. Here is how you can enforce minimum advertised price violations as a small team: 1.

Zoom Cocktail Hour with Frazer Locke, senior advertising executive, Amazon

Retail Insider

Retail Insider, in partnership with novomind , held its latest ‘Zoom Cocktail Hour’ with Frazer Locke, senior Advertising executive at Amazon, who gave an overview of the company’s exciting advertising business that is becoming an increasingly important part of the organisation.

Retailers and brands rethink digital advertising

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Some marketers are even looking at shifting dollars that previously went to online properties to direct mail, radio and television advertising.

Advertising for Black Friday Will Look Different This Year: What Advertisers Need to Know

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To ensure the best results this holiday season, advertisers need to account for the change in consumer buying behaviors and develop an advertising strategy that prioritizes online sales. The biggest difference in advertising this holiday season will be the transition from targeting consumers based on their proximity to stores, toward targeting consumers based on interest or intent behavior they have shown online. Attributing an ROI to Holiday Advertising Efforts in 2020.

Mercatus Partners With CitrusAd To Launch Mercatus Digital Advertising

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Mercatus has introduced Mercatus Digital Advertising, which combines its integrated e-Commerce platform with a scalable native advertising program powered in partnership with the retail media platform CitrusAd.

Ideoclick Expands Advertising Expertise to Instacart, Walmart and Target

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Ecommerce optimization platform Ideoclick has added Instacart, Walmart and Target to its portfolio of supported advertising platforms.

PR vs. paid advertising: Which is better with building awareness and driving sales to retailers

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Advertising and public relations (PR) are important marketing tools; they help businesses to build brands and communicate with their targeted audiences. On the other hand, paid advertising (ie. These costs will depend on the selection of keywords chosen for the paid advertising.

Always-On Shopping Fuels Brand Advertising as a 24/7 Sales Force


Digital advertising is surging, as consumers’ media consumption and product consumption habits migrate to online. Digital advertising boom time. Digital advertising on Google. Amazon Advertising Rates Soar in Pandemic-Fueled Surge. advertising sales.