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5G in Retail: Creating the WOW factor

Retail TouchPoints

5G can also connect mobile point-of-sale (POS) terminals , self-service kiosks, scan-and-go checkouts and other forms of frictionless shopping with ease. 5G can reduce wasted time and prevent inventory shrinkage, providing retailers with cost savings. 5G provides an alternate method to keep the store connected at all times.

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How to Deliver a Flawless In-Store Customer Experience

Independent Retailer

The most common area in-store that retailers focus on to improve customer engagement is at the Point of Sale (POS). According to the NRF National Retail Study 2018 , inventory shrinkage costs the U.S. Transforming the POS. retail industry $47 billion in 2017.


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Loss Prevention & Fraud Detection in Retail

Cisco Retail

Shrinkage means the retailer has less physical inventory than their system reflects. Addressing Areas of Shrink at the Point-of-Sale (POS). The term “shrink” refers to action that negatively impacts the inventory accuracy, and hence, the ability to fully realize potential revenue.

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While tech giants have their heads in the clouds, this is why other retailers don’t need to follow suit

A1 Retail

Loss prevention teams call this inevitable outcome “external shrinkage”. Which is why it is so encouraging to see retailers utilising new technology to reduce the impact of shrinkage. Instead, it’s possible to train deep learning AI models at the point of sale (PoS). The industry limits.

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How Retailers Meet Tough Challenges Using NVIDIA AI 


NVIDIA partners Everseen and Graymatics provide asset protection applications at the point of sale to reduce shrinkage and provide customers a faster self-checkout experience. Spacee is using computer vision and AI to help retailers handle these basic, repetitive tasks.

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Smaller Spaces, Bigger Tech and Optimized CX

Retail TouchPoints

To curb shrinkage, self-pay via an app is used to let shoppers and guests purchase items themselves. Roaming checkout enables employees to take payments from shoppers from anywhere inside the store. They simply scan the item or put it in their cart on their phone, pay and walk out with item in tow.

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Avoiding Stockouts: 5 Preventable Causes of Out-of-Stocks and What to Do About Them

Retail Times

It’s best to use a point-of-sale or inventory system that automatically modifies inventory levels as you ring up sales, so you won’t have to worry about manually updating your database. For more information on how to reduce shrinkage, see our previous post on beefing up security and preventing loss in your store.