Wed.May 18, 2022

How coaching influences retail sales culture

Inside Retail

It’s time to get that great sales team of yours delivering the best possible well-rounded customer experience. Here’s the coaching framework to make that happen: Sales training alone won’t cut it anymore.

New tenants sign up at Cwmbran Centre Wales

Retail Focus

Four new and exciting retailers are coming to Cwmbran Centre, Wales, after agreeing lease terms with the owner of the town’s leading retail destination.

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Opinion: Our customers will vote on climate action with their wallets

Inside Retail

Incredibly, climate action barely rates a mention in this year’s election campaign, yet a significant national survey undertaken during the heart of the pandemic revealed that – even in the midst of that crisis – Australians were more concerned about climate change than Covid-19.

Most Product Purchases Aren’t Impulsive, So Why Sell Them That Way?

Retail Doc

I walked into a store in California last year and they had what seemed like thousands of mason jar candles stacked on a glass fixture from the '80s. It was right next to the register. I could see the logic of putting the display there. Candles are an impulse item. We probably don’t have to talk much about them. They could be a grab-and-go and increase sales. The flaw in this thinking was the price point. These were $24.95. That is not an impulse item.


Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Businesses join forces in campaign to turn up the heat on climate action

Inside Retail

A coalition of businesses led by non-alcoholic beer brand Heaps Normal has launched a campaign to get climate action back on the radar of Australia’s politicians.

Your employees are everywhere. Is your security?

Cisco CSR

Embracing security resilience for the hybrid work era. Hybrid work is here to stay. According to our survey, only 9 percent of the global workforce plans to return to the office full time.

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Cisco Live Preview: Save Time and Maybe Your Job with Full Stack Observability

Cisco CSR

Back in October of 2017, I could have really used an observability suite. We had just migrated the whole Cisco developer site, , from our in-house managed datacenter space to an AWS region, US West. All the QA, integration, and user acceptance testing had gone without a hitch.

Apple reveals software to make its products more inclusive

Inside Retail

Apple has unveiled new software features aimed at helping make it easier for users with disabilities to navigate, connect and get the most out of its products.

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28 Brands Sign Charter to Mitigate Racially Biased Experiences in Retail Environments

Retail Touch

Sephora and 27 other retailers, along with the Open to All nonprofit, have signed the Mitigate Racial Bias in Retail Charter, marking their commitment to concrete steps that will improve equality across the industry.

How to manage the cultural divide in the workplace

Inside Retail

Adapting to the culture of a new market isn’t just about switching up your packaging or rebranding your company’s name so that it works overseas, although these things are important.

How to Make a Poster in PowerPoint

Small Biz Trends

Microsoft PowerPoint is a go-to tool for most of us to show presentation ideas to our audiences. But you can also use it to design poster presentations. Whether for advertising or promoting an event, PowerPoint lets you create a poster for any purpose.

Ear piercing is the next fun retail trend

Retail Dive

Target is doing it. So is CVS and Five Below. But, can piercing draw shoppers into stores

14 Top Health Influencers

Small Biz Trends

If you run a business in the health and wellness industries, influencer marketing may be a powerful tool. Running a marketing campaign with these popular content creators can help you reach your ideal audience.

Target's profit 'collapsed' in Q1 as retail smashes into fuel costs

Retail Dive

The retailer faced hundreds of millions of dollars in unexpected freight costs. But the company is being selective in when to hike prices


Answer the Question the Right Way?

Shep Hyken

Sometimes a customer asks a question, and then either doesn’t understand or like the answer. And sometimes, it’s more than just a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communication. Maybe it’s because the employee doesn’t want to take the time to answer the question correctly.

ACS launches guide to help stores deal better with disabled customers

Talking Retail

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has published a guide on customer service for retailers, focusing on the needs of millions of customers with disabilities and other special requirements.

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14 Best Mobile App Development Companies

Small Biz Trends

Mobile apps provide immense benefits to customers and help with retention, loyalty, and engagement. Building apps that customers want may not sound easy, but if done correctly, they can add more value to your businesses and help customers connect with your brand.

After heightened demand during the pandemic, growth at Home Depot and Lowe's begins to normalize

Retail Dive

A cooler spring delayed sales during Q1, but Home Depot's position among professionals helped it weather challenges better than its rival

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Great Event Planning Courses for Your Business

Small Biz Trends

On the small business scale or in the corporate world, launching a product or a service requires a campaign. Running a successful campaign can be the deciding factor that puts the product or the service in the leading position. Events play a big role in campaigns, marketing and advertising.

Nordstrom Local to Summer in the Hamptons

Retail Touch

Taking its Nordstrom Local pop-up concept to swanky environs this year, the luxury retailer will open an 850-square-foot location in Southampton, N.Y. from May 27 through Sept.

Zero Trust Security for Governments

Cisco CSR

In the age of hybrid work and cloud, cybersecurity needs to evolve to defend the changing network perimeter. The perimeter is no longer the organizational firewall, but then at the edge, with your remote users, IoT devices, and applications residing in the cloud.

Elevate Retail Experiences with Next-Gen Contact Center Tech

Retail Touch

Retailers are responding to new expectations for customer experiences and growing demand for ecommerce, but how are they keeping pace with evolving consumer expectations? As shoppers return to storefronts, they now incorporate a wider blend of online and offline shopping experiences.

Carabao does deal to get drinks delivered with newspapers

Talking Retail

Energy drink Carabao has teamed up with newspaper and magazine wholesaler Smiths News for an offer to order a drink with newspapers and magazines.

‘Like a True New Yorker,’ Century 21 Plans 2023 Comeback in Original NYC Location   

Retail Touch

Famed off-price luxury retailer Century 21 will return to its original flagship location in downtown NYC in spring 2023, after filing for bankruptcy in 2020 and shuttering all 13 of its stores.

David's Bridal acquires custom wedding dress startup Anomalie

Retail Dive

However, Anomalie will no longer create custom gowns and will instead "build tools that fulfill the mission of helping brides "

Spotlight: Dooeys Reimagines Slippers to Make Them Supportive and Sustainable

Small Biz Trends

Shoppers have had two main choices when it comes to at-home footwear: outside shoes or flimsy, unsupportive slippers. But Dooeys aims to change that. The company takes the simple concept of slippers and turns them into a quality, sustainable item.

Mastercard Debuts Framework to Enable Biometric Payments at Retailers Around the World

Retail Touch

Mastercard has launched a new Biometric Checkout Program globally that will enable merchants of all sizes to offer contactless biometric checkout experiences based on facial- or palm-based recognition technology.

Instagram celebrates Shop anniversary with New York City pop-up

Retail Dive

Instagram celebrates 1 million followers on its Shop account as the social commerce industry is expected to grow

RICE 2022: How Nike, H&M and Razer are Putting ‘Phygital’ Retail Into Practice

Retail Touch

The value of blending digital innovation with environmental design to create next-generation retail experiences is the message Tom Philipson, Founder and CEO of strategy and design firm YourStudio , shared during the design:retail Conference and Expo session titled Radical Retail: Connected Future at the Retail Innovation Conference and Expo.

Century 21 to return to its iconic NYC flagship

Retail Dive

During a time of challenges in the department store industry, the off-price luxury retailer is making a comeback after its 2020 bankruptcy

Three Ways Murals Paint the Way for Retailers to Transform the Consumer Experience

Retail Touch

Great marketing has always been about creativity — cutting through the noise and connecting with consumers requires developing an advertising strategy that is both captivating and authentic. So how can a retailer tap into current culture and inspire engagement? The short answer: through art.

Retailers pledge to address racial profiling, unfair treatment of store customers

Retail Dive

Several companies and brands are joining Sephora and the nonprofit Open to All in acknowledging bias and pledging concrete steps to combat it


House Addresses Labor Shortage in Aviation and Aerospace

Small Biz Trends

Labor shortages in Aviation and Aerospace aren’t limited to pilots. The industry needs more mechanics, flight line employees (gate to runway, and back), engineers and scientists.

Gap sets up shop in Roblox to boost teen inclusion, self-expression

Retail Dive

Inspired by its summer ad campaign, the retailer's Club Roblox Boutique is in line with Gen Z preferences around the nascent metaverse space

Best Breakroom Furniture for Your Small Business in 2022

Small Biz Trends

A breakroom is a place where employees come together to refuel, enjoy some downtime, and sit down and relax. It allows your staff to have a space away from their normal workstations to eat and socialize. Employees need time away from their tasks to refresh.

Standing Out With Sustainable Manufacturing

Cisco CSR

This post was authored by Uwe Peter, Vice President & General Manager for Cisco Germany. For The Climate And Your Costs. As I talk with all of my customers in the manufacturing space, one thread stays consistent: Manufacturing was one of the hardest hit industries due to COVID-19.