9 Ways To Boost Profits Today At Your Indie Salon 

Retail Minded

Should you use only organic products for your salon services? Check And Review Your Credit Card Payment Service Options . Depending on how much your merchant service provider charges for handling credit card sales, accepting credit cards at your business can be a blessing or a curse.

Three Requirements For Successful Retailers Post-Pandemic

Retail Touch

And Nike maintained top-of-mind focus amidst lockdown in China by promoting its workout app, resulting in an 80% increase in use and a 30% increase in online sales. small businesses were reporting a 27% increase in customer use of services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

STORE 2017: Captured Excitement of Today’s Retail Opportunities


Erin Elofson, head of retail, financial services and telecom, Facebook Canada, got right to the point in her presentation, “The Hacker Way: Building a Culture of Retail Innovation.” Simona Salter, vice president, client management and merchant services, American Express Canada, also emphasized the importance of mobile in her presentation, “The Future of Operations: The Transaction Behavior of the Anytime, Anywhere Consumer.”