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Why Data Will Drive the Future of Inventory Management

Retail TouchPoints

Retailers acted with agility, changing the way they planned and managed inventory in a remarkably short time. Tools can enable retailers to connect and correlate all inventory data with external events. They can then proactively deal with inbound disruptions, measure inventory turnover velocity and cut back on overstocking.

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Miniso’s “good quality with low price” mantra takes off in Southeast Asia

Inside Retail

However, Huang is coy to reveal details around its expansion strategy, simply saying: “I can share that we do have plans for Peninsular Malaysia.”. Expansion plans. The company also plans to crossover with different industries to create more value for its consumers. Backend intelligence. An eclectic design team.


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6 Retail Commandments You Need to Follow

Retail Smart Guys

. #2 Buy what you can sell profitably It is essential to follow a merchandise plan to know what you can purchase from suppliers and sell to customers. It is not enough to keep filling up your stores, as it can only result in heavy markdowns, slow inventory turnover, higher operating costs, and disruptions to cash flow.

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Five Best Practices In Retail Inventory Management

Retail Minded

JIT involves ordering inventory as needed rather than keeping large amounts in stock, which can reduce inventory carrying costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Effective Demand Planning Efficient demand planning plays a critical role in retail inventory management.

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7 Indicators You’re Managing Bad Inventory (and How to Fix It)


You may be dealing with a bad inventory if you are continuously having one or more of the following issues: 1. A low rate of inventory turnover. Low demand inventory builds up resulting in overstocks. No room for in-demand inventory . Stagnant inventory is occupying shelf space, in-place of high demand products. .

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How to Revolutionize Inventory Management

Independent Retailer

Next-generation analytical and planning tools interpret vast volumes of data so that retailers can predict and react to disruptions before they affect inventory levels. Retailers had to revolutionize inventory and planning when the pandemic hit, and many businesses are still finding their feet in the post-pandemic economy.

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4 Top Inventory Management Techniques and Best Practices


Check data and reports regularly – Consistently checking data will give you a good idea of how your inventory is performing overall. Plan before buying your inventory- Use your data to determine what you should order. Maximize inventory turnover- Increase turn rate to move product gradually through the purchasing cycle.