March, 2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your In-Store Data


In the world of retail, actionable data collection and analysis are essential to making logical, evidence-based decisions that could improve your products’ health on the shelf.

How To Train Retail Employees to Ask for the Sale

Retail Doc

Always be closing is an overused phrase sales managers have used for years. It sounds great and if everyone were Alec Baldwin in Always be Closing , it would work.


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Retail welcomes expansion of national plastic recycling fund

Inside Retail

The Australian government has announced an additional investment of $60 million in the Recycling Modernisation Fund, bringing the total investment to $250 million.


The importance of investing in the community 

Retail Focus

It is now widely accepted that the role of retail destinations has evolved considerably. Changes that had taken hold in the last decade have been accelerated by the pandemic and by the ensuing change in consumer habits.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Losing Shoppers in the Economic Downturn – Why its not such a bad thing!

Mike Anthony

We’re all in the same boat. The last couple of years were unprecedented, unexpected and impossible to predict. But 2022 will be different, in that arguably the biggest challenge of 2022 is DEFINITELY something we can prepare for.

NVIDIA Research Turns 2D Photos Into 3D Scenes in the Blink of an AI


When the first instant photo was taken 75 years ago with a Polaroid camera , it was groundbreaking to rapidly capture the 3D world in a realistic 2D image. Today, AI researchers are working on the opposite: turning a collection of still images into a digital 3D scene in a matter of seconds.

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7 Retail Display Ideas Found In Los Angeles to Try In Your Store

Retail Doc

Customers come to your brick-and-mortar store to discover something new. They are hopeful. They want to discover something worth the trip. That’s where your retail store design and visual merchandising can make the difference between, “You have a beautiful store,” and “I’ll take it.”.

‘Passion never fails’: Why Casetify is going all in on the metaverse

Inside Retail

Back in March 2021, Wesley Ng, like much of the world, became aware of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the first time. “I I got a bit of FOMO,” the co-founder and CEO of Hong Kong-based tech accessories brand Casetify, said at the Marketing Pulse virtual conference last week. “So

Woking’s Victoria Place welcomes Moss Bros

Retail Focus

Moss Bros has launched a new concept store at Victoria Place, the recently launched £700 million regeneration scheme in Woking town centre co-owned by Woking Borough Council and Moyallen Group. Occupying a 2742 sq ft space, the brand has opened on Victoria Place’s Henry Plaza. .

How the Metaverse can Benefit Physical Retail Stores

Retail Touch

With industries around the world showing interest in the metaverse, retail leaders are facing the exciting opportunity to follow suit and provide customers with the ease of online shopping without compromising the benefits of the physical experience.

What Is a Transformer Model?


If you want to ride the next big wave in AI, grab a transformer. They’re not the shape-shifting toy robots on TV or the trash-can-sized tubs on telephone poles. So, What’s a Transformer Model?

5 Reasons a Raspberry Pi Belongs in Your Network Lab

Cisco CSR

It’s Pi Day, everyone — my favorite crowd-sourced holiday. And not just because of my deep affection for fruit/sugar-filled pastries. Nope, since it was first released ten years ago, I’ve loved the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

How To Use The Right Questions To Sell More Effectively

Retail Doc

How do I make my shop busier? I get a lot of variations of this question from retailers. Like everything is perfect; I just need more customers. They are like gamblers who say they just need more chips. But if they aren’t playing the game at the best of their ability, those poker chips are quickly squandered. Likewise, if you aren’t getting the most out of those who are already visiting your store…. You’re settling for crumbs when you can have the whole feast.

7-Eleven to pay $595,000 after chain misled franchisee about lease terms

Inside Retail

Convenience chain 7-Eleven must pay $595,000 to a franchisee after the Victoria Supreme Court found the franchisor had made misleading statements about the term of a franchise agreement.

Kate Spade New York celebrates the opening of a new store at the Boulevard, Northern Ireland

Retail Focus

Global lifestyle brand, kate spade new york, is to open its first Northern Irish store in April 2022, at designer outlet, The Boulevard. .

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Keeping Field Team Reps Invested in Company Success


Keeping your field teams invested is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your brand. After all, your reps on the ground do spend the most time interacting with buyers and retailers.

What Is GauGAN? How AI Turns Your Words and Pictures Into Stunning Art


GauGAN , an AI demo for photorealistic image generation, allows anyone to create stunning landscapes using generative adversarial networks. Named after post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, it was created by NVIDIA Research and can be experienced free through NVIDIA AI Demos.

CCIE Lab Rentals for Practical Exam Preparation

Cisco CSR

The long and storied history of Cisco’s first certification begins in the 1990s, when the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification was launched.

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SalesRX Customer Success Story: Joy Quinn of The Spice & Tea Exchange

Retail Doc

“SalesRX is essentially another employee. It is my cross-door sales trainer with all the content, structure, training, and trainer tools. If I did not have the program, I would need a person running around doing all this for me.”. case study SalesRX customer testimonial


The impact of the image: how graphic design can elevate your brand

Inside Retail

If you’re an entrepreneur trying to start or grow a business this year, you need a way to stand out from the competition. With 5.4 million new businesses started in 2021 in the US alone and that number rising every year, saying you’ve got your work cut out for you is one hell of an understatement.

New luxury FLANNELS store opens in Preston

Retail Focus

Frasers Group plc has opened the doors to its latest FLANNELS store in Preston. The next generation luxury retailer continues with the commitment to investing in retail and bringing world-class shopping destinations to new locations throughout the UK.

How to Influence the Customer Path to Purchase


The customer path to purchase is very rarely straightforward. Shoppers go through many twists and turns as they decide which product will get them the best bang for their buck.

Retail’s Teachable Moment

Retail Prophet

By Doug Stephens The global pandemic provided the retail industry with a brutal lesson in trade imbalances. As Asia and South Asia reeled from the spread of Covid, retailers closer to home wrestled with a tangled knot of supply chain disruptions and empty warehouses.

Automation with Any Tooling on Any Interface

Cisco CSR

Terraform expands into the extensive Cisco IOS XE programmability and automation ecosystem. IOS XE’s vast, programmable feature set. The Cisco IOS XE ecosystem is programmatically managed and supports a variety of tooling.

Hopped Up: NVIDIA CEO, AI Leaders to Discuss Next Wave of AI at GTC


NVIDIA’s GTC conference is packed with smart people and programming. The virtual gathering — which takes place from March 21-24 — sits at the intersection of some of the fastest-moving technologies of our time.

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David Jones struggles through a tough first half

Inside Retail

Lockdowns and store closures have severely affected David Jones’ first-half performance, with sales turnover and concessions declining by 9.2 per cent. Online sales rose 44.2 per cent however, and contributed 28.1

Seven Dials boosts ethical appeal with the opening of DAI

Retail Focus

Shaftesbury has today announced that the sustainable women’s performance wear brand, Dai, has opened its debut permanent space on 35-37 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials.

How Pricing Mistakes Could Be Hurting Your Profits


Pricing strategy is one of the hottest topics in the retail world, and rightly so. Having the right strategy keeps companies competitive and profitable.

Twitter tests Shops feature

Retail Dive

Shoppers can click a "View Shop" button on merchants' profiles and browse up to 50 products on the platform

How this IoT device from charity: water could advance water access for billions

Cisco CSR

The Transformational Tech series highlights Cisco’s nonprofit grant recipients that use technology to help transform the lives of individuals and communities. Founded in 2006, nonprofit charity: water has shown an incredible commitment to ensure that more people have access to enough clean water.

What Is Path Tracing?


Turn on your TV. Fire up your favorite streaming service. Grab a Coke. A demo of the most important visual technology of our time is as close as your living room couch. Propelled by an explosion in computing power over the past decade and a half, path tracing has swept through visual media.

Boss launches NFT in social impact project

Inside Retail

Premium fashion brand Boss has collaborated with NFT company Boss Beauties to introduce the Boss x Boss Beauties Dream Like a Boss program, which aims to mentor young women.

NEXT signs 10-year lease for new store at Trafford Centre

Retail Focus

UK fashion and home retailer NEXT has signed a new 10-year lease with Trafford Centre to create a large, new store, expected to open in November 2022.

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Never, Never, Never Be Late

Shep Hyken

Never being late … that’s not realistic. It’s going to happen. It’s not a question of if. It’s when. . But you might say, “It’s not my fault!” And maybe it’s not. For example, you may be driving to a lunch meeting, and a car accident shuts down the highway making you.

As Malls Reinvent Themselves, Department Stores Will Need to Rethink and Redesign

Retail Touch

It’s no secret that malls are struggling for relevancy. Once the “it” hangout spot for elderly mall walkers and teenyboppers alike, many malls have been left in the dust by rapid shifts in the way consumers live, work and shop.

SASE and SSE: what you need to know

Cisco CSR

Technology advances are meant to improve our lives, from better protection to faster connections to simplifying and streamlining processes for better efficiency.