Sat.Jan 15, 2022 - Fri.Jan 21, 2022

Aldi opens first checkout-free supermarket

Retail Focus

Aldi has opened its first checkout-free store, where shoppers will be able to pick up products and leave without queuing to pay.

Most retailers adopt negative outlook in wake of Covid ‘wrecking ball’

Inside Retail

With consumer confidence sinking to its lowest in 30 years this week, most retailers now have a negative outlook of their businesses for the next three months according to the Australian Retailers Association. .


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SalesRX Customer Success Story: Tony Drockton of Hammitt

Retail Doc

“My biggest win with SalesRX was seeing the people that would embrace it and the ones that did not. The ones that did not have all been replaced. It has become the bar of acceptance to be successful at Hammitt.”. case study SalesRX customer testimonial

ATS 193

How the ‘Little Guy’ Field Teams Can Take on the Giants


In a world with Coca-Cola, Nike, Gillette, and other hugely successful brands, it can be tough as one of the little guys—especially in the retail execution space.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Demand for Glass Moveable Walls Soars

Retail Focus

Glass moveable walls are today’s ‘en vogue’ method of creating light, airy, flexible space with specifications from architects and interior designers at an all-time high.

Roy Morgan survey reports sharp decline in consumer confidence

Inside Retail

ANZ-Roy Morgan’s Consumer Confidence survey has hit its lowest since October last year during Victoria’s second wave of Covid, with consumer confidence down to 8.1 pts to the level of 97.9 – the weakest result since 1992.

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Amazon to open first physical clothing store

Retail Dive

Amazon Style will launch later this year in Los Angeles, bringing technology and personalization to the forefront of its shopping experience

Retail in 2022: Embracing the ‘store of the future’

Retail Focus

In recent years, retail has experienced a digital overhaul unmatched by other industries. Forced to adapt to a permanent shift in consumer behaviours and expectations as a result of the pandemic, the industry accelerated its digital transformation dramatically last year.

Ebay Australia expands Authenticity Guarantee to luxury sneakers

Inside Retail

Ebay Australia has extended its Authenticity Guarantee to a range of high-end sneaker brands from designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Balenciaga. . Ebay’s Authenticity Guarantee is extended to both pre-owned and brand new sneakers priced at over $150.

Van, Go: Unveils Next-Gen Robotaxi Fleet Built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin


Robotaxis are on their way to delivering safer transportation, driving across various landscapes and through starry nights. This week, Silicon Valley-based self-driving startup

Green is the new black: Sustainability is now front of mind for luxury shoppers

365 Retail

A new report from Klarna , a leading global retail bank, payments and shopping service, reveals that consumers are changing the way they think about luxury and high-end purchases, with sustainability and innovation becoming key drivers behind luxurious purchases.

Rituals opens at Liverpool ONE, its first store in the city

Retail Focus

Grosvenor has announced the opening of Rituals, the luxury bath, body and home brand at Liverpool ONE, its first in the city.

ATS 148

Burberry’s focus on younger customers is paying off

Inside Retail

Burberry is continuing to make inroads with a younger demographic, reporting a 26-per-cent lift in sales of goods at full-price in the latest quarter driven by new customers.

5 Resolutions for Small Businesses in 2022

Cisco Retail

A new year is a great time to reflect on the past 12 months and create goals for the year ahead. This is especially important for small businesses, which have been so dramatically affected by the pandemic.

5 tech trends to watch in 2022

Retail Dive

In an increasingly digital consumer environment, brands need to pick up the pace to stay relevant

Frasers Group signs at St Anns shopping centre in Harrow

Retail Focus

Railpen, the investment manager for the £35bn Railways Pension Scheme, has announced the signing of a major new occupier, with Frasers Group, set to open Sports Direct, the British sports clothing retailer, at St Anns Shopping Centre in Harrow.

B2B marketplace TradeSquare secures $28m funding from US investor

Inside Retail

Australian online wholesale marketplace startup TradeSquare has secured $28 million in funding from US investment firm Tiger Global.

A bridge to uniform networks

Cisco Retail

Cisco C-Bridge provides a quicker, more secure network transition for acquired companies. In order to grow and stay competitive, an enterprise must continue to expand its offerings with innovations that differentiate it from competitors.

Cloud and the Hybrid Future of Work

Cisco CSR

Age of Cloud Blog Series – Blog 3. Nothing in the world is as it once was. Things we used to take for granted—such as dining out, going to the movies, or throwing birthday parties for four-year olds—are forever changed.

Forbidden Planet to move to the Wulfrun Centre

Retail Focus

Forbidden Planet, the world’s biggest chain of comic shops, is moving to the Wulfrun Centre, in Wolverhampton.

Sotheby’s to auction Louis Vuitton and Nike ‘Air Force 1’ sneakers

Inside Retail

Two hundred special edition pairs of Louis Vuitton Nike ‘Air Force 1’ by Virgil Abloh sneakers are set to go to auction on Sotheby’s.

Cisco expands Catalyst 9000 Switching Portfolio into the Industrial Space

Cisco Retail

Listening and learning from our customers are some of the best parts of my day. What I’ve been hearing consistently is a sharp focus on business agility, global competitiveness, and workforce flexibility.

Meet the 2022 shoppers: 5 ways buyer expectations will change retail

Retail Dive

Consumers continue to grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic, including supply chain hiccups and other shifts that are changing the way they buy. Retailers can expect five themes to impact brick-and-mortar sales

6 Essential Online Marketing Tips & Ideas For Growing Your Business In 2022

Retail Focus

Marketing has completely revolutionized since the advent of the pandemic. These days, consumers are changing their tastes and preferences. There are a huge number of consumers who prefer video content hence video marketing is the current trend and forms a very integral part of online marketing.

Omicron threatens retail workforce as Kmart and Target slash trading hours

Inside Retail

With almost 25 per cent of trading days lost due to government mandated store closures, Kmart and Target have reduced trading hours while tackling stock shortages.

How To Do DevSecOps for Kubernetes

Cisco Retail

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of security concerns related to Kubernetes, looking at the built-in security capabilities that Kubernetes brings to the table. Kubernetes at the center of cloud-native software.

Parade launches free recycling program in the US

Retail Dive

Through the initiative, consumers can send the DTC brand gently used underwear from any brand in exchange for a 20% credit

Nisa goes ahead with new Jisp vouchering system after successful trial

Talking Retail

Nisa is to offer all its retailers Jisp’s augmented reality (AR) vouchering system, Scan & Save, after a successful pilot scheme. The trial for the cutting edge system involved 82,116 scans, 40,001 taps and 32,895 redemptions on Scan & Save branded AR vouchers from September to December.

ATS 103

What global brands need to know about New York’s Fashion Sustainability Act

Inside Retail

A new bill has been introduced in the state of New York that, if it becomes law, would require major global fashion brands to map their supply chains and take steps to reduce their environmental impact. .

“Small Business, Big Solutions” Podcast Launches on Cisco Podcast Network

Cisco Retail

I admit it, I’m a podcast fanatic. If it’s about true crime, current affairs, or comedy, chances are, I’ve had a listen. But there is a podcast content gap. Our team saw a need for discussions around IT resources and expertise for the small business audience.

The story of Toys R Us' bankruptcy is still unfolding, and it still matters

Retail Dive

In ongoing litigation, former suppliers to the retailer allege its leaders should never have signed on to bankruptcy financing that triggered its liquidation

Cutting edge augmented technology potential in business

Retail Times

Long promised in the land of science fiction, augmented reality technologies are now finally entering the mainstream. Though their primary uses are often touted in gaming and medicine, almost any business could see significant advantages through the integration of this new tech.

ATS 96

3 searchandising strategies for 2022

Inside Retail

Searchandising is the combination of the terms “search” and “merchandising” (and, no, we didn’t come up with the term!).

Protecting Secrets / Variables Using HashiCorp Vault Secret Manager

Cisco Retail

Recently I was asked to create a new integration between Cisco ASD (Automated Software Distribution) and Sonatype Nexus Repository. As both expose a decent API, it wasn’t a complicated task (just a matter of ~800 lines of Python code ).

Hardy’s kicks off the new year with £3m TV campaign

Talking Retail

Wine brand Hardys is set to launch a TV campaign in partnership with ITV. The “Certainty” campaign will return to TV in March, supported by in-store activity, digital advertising and social media content.

Relevant and Extended Detection with SecureX, Part Three: Behaviour-Based Detections with Secure Network Analytics

Cisco CSR