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How fierce competition in digital channels is reshaping marketing budgets

Inside Retail

That is but one of the key conclusions in a new research publication – the 2024 Marketing Spend Report – that provides a timely overview of where companies see their marketing priorities during the first half of this year and entering the next – and which underlines the importance of digital marketing channels in companies overall marketing spend.

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Almost half (45%) of retailers now experience customer churn rates upwards of 51%, according to the latest data from MoEngage

365 Retail

With the cost-of-living squeezing consumers’ disposable incomes and ebbing away at customers’ loyalty propensities, retailers are facing higher levels of customer churn, the latest research from insights-led customer engagement platform, MoEngage , suggests.


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How Ecommerce Retailers Can Prepare Now for Back-to-School 2022

Retail TouchPoints

You can configure the guest checkout process so customers can create an account later, after they’ve had a fast and easy checkout experience with your store. Once your back-to-school customers have placed their orders, there’s one more CX and customer retention hurdle to clear, and that’s fraud screening.

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How Data Security Shifts are Driving New Marketing Mandates

Retail TouchPoints

With the looming loss of Google’s third-party cookies and the launch of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers, CMOs and their teams have already had to re-examine how they allocate their marketing spend. Want to learn how you can collect more first-party data and bolster your marketing strategies to drive customer retention and loyalty?

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10 Most Important Ecommerce KPIs to Measure in 2023


Keeping close track of CAC movements helps you optimize the acquisition funnel to control costs and get maximum results from marketing spend. Customer Retention Rate Definition The customer retention rate is the percentage of customers you retain over a given time period.