When is Price Skimming Effective? Pros and Cons for Brands


When done right, a new product launch can be a big win for a brand. Apple is usually on the winning side of its product launches, with lines wrapped around the corner for the next iPhone or new gadget. A big part of a successful product launch is the price.

How to Collect Customer Data and Improve Shopper Experience

Retail Next

In today’s world, collecting data and basing decisions on the calculated data is critical to success, especially in the retail market.


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3 High-Impact CPG Sales Tips From Kraft Heinz’ Sales Team


For CPG brands, building a field sales team is a big investment — and an important one. Having dedicated sales reps champion your brand in high-opportunity stores and become experts in your market can give you a competitive advantage at the shelf, making the difference between a shopper choosing your brand or your competition.

Tools and Tips to Transform Employees into Brand Experience Gurus

Natural Insight

The buzz hasn’t stopped about the spending power of one demographic: millennials. With over 80 million shoppers falling into this demographic, they clock in at spending power topping more than 600 billion dollars

ATS 59

How to Effectively Create a Frictionless Customer Experience in E-Commerce

Speaker: Ashlee Aldridge, Founder, Managing Partner and CEO - Reach Partners LLC | Bill Mirabito, Interim VP and Consultant, Chameleon Collective | Mike Leibovitz, General Manager of Digital Solutions - Pivotree

Join this exclusive conversation with our expert panelists and learn how addressing customer friction and smoothing out your digital customer experience will help you thrive as an e-commerce retailer - even when faced with adverse market challenges.

The Google Ads Test: Discover Your Kryptonite

Store Growers

Of all the ecommerce stores that use Google Ads, few start out by asking the important question whether Google Ads is right for their business. Most of them skip that part and jump straight into the details of picking keywords and writing ads. But by not asking whether your business has the foundations in place to make Google Ads a success, you’ll find yourself having a hard time. I’ve experienced this myself by working with certain clients.

Retail at Speed: Accelerate Your RFP

Great A

A #Retail Request for Proposal #RFP is far more than a #purchasing activity to get the best price, it’s a #catalyst to focus stakeholders on purpose & requirements. Save time and money by using these 13 template RFPs. More at [link].

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Eataly vs Time Out Market: Similar Models with Different Implications

Retail Eye

A month after Eataly’s grand opening in Toronto, and Time Out Market’s new location in Montreal, its time to take a look at these food hall-esque attractions. Both models are sized close to a large grocery store but are modeled more as a community hub. So just what makes them work?

It’s not too late to win with the holiday shopper

Markerketing Experts

The festive season is officially around the corner! For some of us this is great news, but others may not have reached the targets set for this holiday season yet. . If you find yourself in the latter group, we bring great news to help with the holiday cheer. . Last-minute shoppers ahoy!

Loaded Burger new store concept…

Retail Design Solutions

Just launched is a new store for our friends at Loaded Burger which we have been involved with from concept generation through to detail design packs and overseeing delivery on site.

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Do You Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers?


The last thing I wanted to do at 9 am on a Saturday morning was get my car’s oil changed. When my alarm went off, I was not a happy camper. Yet, the morning I was about to have at my local Subaru dealership turned out to be one of the best customer experiences I have had in a long time.

How to Address the Needs of the Next Generation of e-Commerce Customers

Speaker: Jenn VandeZande, Head of Digital Engagement Strategy at SAP Customer Experience | Beth Scott, VP, Business Operations - Supply Chain | Nikki Grigsby, PHR, Chief Operations Officer at Syndigo | Levana Wang, Content Creator, Gen Z Expert

Join Jenn VandeZande, Beth Scott, Nikki Grigsby and Levana Wang for this insightful and topical conversation on the modernization of e-commerce tech.

6 Practical Tips for B&M Retailers to Improve the Retail Checkout Experience


The in-store shopping experience has a number of benefits for consumers. It’s a great way to see and test products before buying, store associates can help guide shoppers in the right direction, and there’s the instant gratification of buying an item and being able to use it that day.

How to Improve Your Store’s First Impression Through Targeted Branding

Retail Next

Having a brick-and-mortar store is more challenging than it used to be. The rise in e-commerce has left many retail shop owners out of ideas and out of business. However, despite the doom and gloom, retail research shows that 49 percent of consumers still prefer brick-and-mortar.

How do you think the second half of 2019 will be for your store?

Retail Smart Guys

The first half of 2019 was certainly, well, interesting. Nearly every retailer I talk to tells me that it wasn’t great.

Field Management Software Secrets that Keep Product Companies Selling

Natural Insight

Field execution means boots on the ground. There’s simply no way around it. The challenge, however, is keeping teams lean and tracking progress to ensure work is completed perfectly and on time.

5 Essential Virtual Selling Practices Every Company Must Have by 2023

Speaker: Erika Bzdel - Vice President of Sales and Craig Simons - Director of Marketing

Join us on Sept. 13 at 9:30 am PT as Erika Bzdel, VP of Sales, and Craig Simons, Director of Marketing, discuss the virtual selling practices that every company should adopt, and how to succeed at selling in a hybrid world.

Acing Your Google Ads Keyword Match Types

Store Growers

Most advertisers spend a lot of time coming up with the keywords they want to include in their Google Search campaigns. And rightly so. Having the right keywords is the foundation of a successful paid search campaign. But very often, all that work goes right out the window during the setup phase. If you don’t pay close attention when you create your campaigns, the keywords you’ve carefully researched will result in a lot of irrelevant impressions and clicks.

Synergistic Relationship between Bricks and Clicks

Broad Reach Retail

I am excited to share with you a new ICSC study, aptly named “The Halo Effect,” that demonstrates how much physical retail stores contribute to not only a retailer’s web traffic but also the primary measures of the retailer’s brand health.

ParcelHero says 24-hour round-the-clock deliveries are the future of e-commerce

Retail Technology Review

Amazon’s $800 million investment in free next-day deliveries may be making headlines, but the home delivery expert ParelHero says same-day 24/7 deliveries are the future of e-commerce. Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical Issues


Eataly vs Time Out Market: Similar Models with Different Implications

Retail Eye

A month after Eataly’s grand opening in Toronto, and Time Out Market’s new location in Montreal, its time to take … Continue reading → retail Eataly food halls food retail jcwg time out market

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

4 questions that guarantee effective shopper communication

Markerketing Experts

As shopper marketers, we need to talk our shopper’s language – literally and figuratively. Shopper communication is imperative to achieving you goal of influencing and in some cases, changing your target shopper’s behaviour. Let’s create some context quickly.

A virtual pint, anyone?

Retail Design Solutions

We’ve produced an interactive virtual visit for the team at the fantastic Hammerton’s Brewery so you can get to take a tour without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

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A Retail Employee’s Dilemma


How To Avoid Disgruntled Customers. As a former retail employee in the home furnishings industry, I learned the ins and outs of delivering both positive and negative customer experiences firsthand.

What is Penetration Pricing? Advantages and Disadvantages for Brands


Are you getting ready to launch a new product? It’s at this time that brands need to focus on setting the right price to attract the most customers possible. This is when penetration pricing can come into play. But what is penetration pricing?

Store Wars: Hats Off to Penney’s – Yes, JCPenney

Retail Next

Retail is a funny business. There are so many factors that separate the winners from the losers, and in the current climate I am often surprised by who gets it right and who gets it wrong.

Great Webinar Tomorrow!

Retail Smart Guys

H ey Retailers! Check out this webinar, happening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22nd @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am) PST: Industry Secrets with Dan at Retail Smart Guys. Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow.

The Secret to Slashing Costs: Upping Your Merchandising Execution Game

Natural Insight

After a considerable hit to the economy during the financial crisis, wages began a steady climb for workers in 2019; average hourly earnings climbed 3.2%. This is great news for the up-and-coming millennial and Gen Z workforce – but it still puts a crunch on employers.


The Google Ads Strategy of Purple Mattresses

Store Growers

Imagine a new brand launching in a hyper-competitive market. Its competitors have been grinding away for a couple of years and have hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital in the bank. This new brand decides not to raise any money form those investors. That sounds like a pretty tough situation to be in, right? But Purple, the brand in question, is thriving in a market that has become even more cut-throat. In this article, I will show you how their unlikely story played out.

2018 Year-End Results

Broad Reach Retail

This has been another successful year for Broad Reach Retail Partners with 79 transactions, totalling 564,649 SF and $88 million in total transaction value! Transactions Completed. in 2018. Acquisitions in 2018. South Grove | Knoxville, Tennessee. 89,000 SF | Anchored by Food City.

Controlling the Retail Buying and Selling Cycles


Retailers of all stripes profit by controlling two cycles–the buying cycle and the selling cycle. If you control one, you only have half control over your merchandising. If you control them both, you’ve got your entire inventory in the palm of your hand.

Eataly Toronto – Another Home Run for Retail Experience

Retail Eye

After years of planning and months of anticipation, the new Eataly Toronto opened to much fanfare on Wednesday, November 13th … Continue reading → retail Eataly jcwilliamsgroup toronto

Are traditional channel definitions outdated?

Markerketing Experts

Is it time to relook the way we define channels? Some vehemently say that the traditional channel definitions need to be rehauled, others are a bit more cautious, preferring to avoid rocking the proverbial boat.

Time for Tea?

Retail Design Solutions

The team have been busy helping develop a new store concept for the Camden Tea Company which will be opening soon In the West Yard, Camden lock.


Tips from an Experienced Warehouse Trainer


How to Avoid Common Pitfalls. The moment a customer completes a purchase is an emotional high point in their buying journey. Their decision fatigue has ended, and the customer has found something they love.

Nike Left Amazon. Should Your Brand Leave Too?


Have you heard the news that Nike will no longer sell merchandise on the Amazon.com marketplace? It quickly became a major, trending news story—Nike will turn its attention to its direct-to-consumer channel and look to recoup those Amazon sales on its own website. What’s the deal with that? Depending on who you ask, this is either a smart move for Nike or a bad one. But not everyone is Nike. What does this D2C shift by the athletic apparel company mean for your brand?