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Datalogic’s Magellan 9800i TDi guarantees a high-speed check-out experience

Inside Retail

Self check-out solutions have increasingly become a critical aspect of the supermarket shopping experience for consumers, with an estimated two-thirds of shoppers reporting a preference for automated technologies over interacting with a human check-out operator. The scanner can read information from bar codes.

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4 Ways to Improve Productivity on the Shop Floor

Global Shop

Market-leading productivity can be achieved by testing and defining workflows, simplifying material ordering, ongoing training for employees, regular maintenance of machinery and equipment, and identifying bottlenecks on the shop floor. Its old legacy system had no automation, which required all shop floor data to be back flushed.


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QR Codes are Making the Comeback of the Century


QR codes as we know them today were initially released in 1994 by Denso Wave Inc. QR Codes are images that smartphone cameras can scan to access a URL, unique product, or service information, not unlike a bar code. For many years, QR Codes mostly faded their way into obscurity. How can QR codes be used?

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InPost boosts convenient delivery options in new partnership with eBay

A1 Retail

The partnership expands the delivery options available to sellers at a time when many may be looking to capitalise on the increased appetite from consumers to complete their holiday shopping early due to supply chain shortages. InPost Lockers offer a hassle-free solution, saving sellers’ time by avoiding long queues in physical stores.

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2021-2022 Buyer’s Guide Directory

SGN Magazine

Your customers will thank you for making their shopping efforts fun by returning to shop again, and by telling their friends about your business. Providing quality custom souvenir products to gift shops all across North America. THE GEM SHOP. PIKE’S PEAK ROCK SHOP. A & F GIFT AND SOUVENIR CO., Denver, CO 80238.

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Nike’s eCommerce Strategy, 4 Reasons Why Digital Sales are Soaring

Indigo 9 Digital

“As part of our recently announced Consumer Direct Acceleration strategy, we are doubling down on our approach with Nike Digital and our owned stores, as well as a smaller number of strategic partners who share our vision to create a consistent, connected, and modern shopping experience,” Nike said in a statement.