May, 2022

How To Bring Your Downtown Retail Shopping Area To Life

Retail Doc

A great downtown has a thriving independent retailer community working at the top of their game. New businesses open and add to the mix of merchants who fight for every shopper in a dynamic city core. independent retailer Downtown Economic Development Downtown revitalization Chamber of Commerce

Private Label: Six key strategies for brands to compete

Mike Anthony

In the battleground that is retail today , retailers are turning to new (and old) strategies to win.


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Stop interrupting, start inspiring: 3 social commerce trends on the rise

Inside Retail

When Covid hit and physical stores closed, many retailers were left floundering, trying to work out how to maintain their relationships with customers and remain relevant in their hearts and minds. Enter the acceleration of social commerce. The role of social media is changing.

Inditex’s third flagship store opens at Liverpool ONE

Retail Focus

Grosvenor has announced the opening of leading international Inditex clothing brand, Bershka, at Liverpool ONE, marking its regional debut. Spanning 8,000 sq ft on South John Street, the space houses the brand’s three main lines; Bershka, BSK and Man, as well as a number of exclusive ranges.

ATS 229

5 Essential Virtual Selling Practices Every Company Must Have by 2023

Speaker: Erika Bzdel - Vice President of Sales and Craig Simons - Director of Marketing

Join us on Sept. 13 at 9:30 am PT as Erika Bzdel, VP of Sales, and Craig Simons, Director of Marketing, discuss the virtual selling practices that every company should adopt, and how to succeed at selling in a hybrid world.

Embrace Your Possible, Embrace Digital

Cisco CSR

We’ve come a long way since our in-person Cisco Live in 2019. Over this time, everything hasn’t always gone as expected, but one thing has become quite clear. Business as we know it will never be the same.

These States are the Most Obsessed with NFTs

Small Biz Trends

A study conducted by NFT experts has discovered which states have been searching for NFTs and related NFT search terms the most over the last twelve months. T hese States are the Most Obsessed with NFTs.

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The Value Shopper – How to understand shoppers in an economic downturn

Mike Anthony

Around the world, inflation is rising, putting pressure on the economy, and on consumer and shoppers. As I speak to business leaders of consumer goods companies and retailers alike, it is clear that the challenge of winning with shoppers during this economic uncertainty is now top of mind.

NSW retailers using single-use plastic bags to face fines from next week

Inside Retail

Retailers doling out single-use plastic bags in New South Wales face fines of up to $275,000 from Wednesday, June 1 as a statewide ban comes into force.

Grocer 242

The King’s Road welcomes Seraphina for long standing seasonal pop-up residencey

Retail Focus

Sloane Stanley has announced the return of luxury retailer, Seraphina, to 340 King’s Road, marking the twelfth year running the brand has selected this space to show its collection of timeless, Indian-inspired apparel and homeware. .

How Cisco Duo Is Simplifying Secure Access for Organizations Around the World

Cisco CSR

At Cisco Duo, we continually strive to enhance our products to make it easy for security practitioners to apply access policies based on the principles of zero trust.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

How to Use a Green Screen

Small Biz Trends

Using a green screen as a virtual background can be incredibly useful. For example, you can use a green screen background for content creation, such as videos, to hide your background for camera-on virtual meetings and other purposes.

Most Product Purchases Aren’t Impulsive, So Why Sell Them That Way?

Retail Doc

I walked into a store in California last year and they had what seemed like thousands of mason jar candles stacked on a glass fixture from the '80s. It was right next to the register. I could see the logic of putting the display there. Candles are an impulse item. We probably don’t have to talk much about them. They could be a grab-and-go and increase sales. The flaw in this thinking was the price point. These were $24.95. That is not an impulse item.


Patagonia’s Newest Mission: Replacing Single-Use Packaging with Technology

Retail Touch

Perhaps no brand has more sustainability street cred than Patagonia.

ARA predicts $8.8bn mid-year spending spree as retailers quit excess stock

Inside Retail

Australian consumers are set to spend $8.8 billion during the coming months as mid-year seasonal sales ramp up and excess stock is sold. The Australian Retail Association (ARA) forecasts 52 per cent of consumers shopping mid-season sales will be doing so online. Around 6.2

Reality bites: how composable architecture is a make-or-break strategy for retailers looking to thrive

Retail Focus

Global e-commerce jumped to $26.7 trillion in the first year of the pandemic, a dramatic leap forward from a trend that had already hobbled many high street retailers.

ChatOps: Managing Kubernetes Deployments in Webex

Cisco CSR

This is the third post in a series about writing ChatOps services on top of the Webex API. In the first post , we built a Webex Bot that received message events from a group room and printed the event JSON out to the console.

Progressive Insurance Giving $25,000 in Small Business Grants to Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Small Biz Trends

Progressive Insurance is supporting Hispanic entrepreneurs through a new grant program in partnership with online business platform Hello Alice. The Driving Small Business Forward grant program will provide ten grants of $25,000 to eligible small businesses.

The Road to the Hybrid Quantum-HPC Data Center Starts Here


It’s time to start building tomorrow’s hybrid quantum computers. The motivation is compelling, the path is clear and key components for the job are available today.

ATS 111

Mastercard to launch biometric checkout tool for retailers

Retail Dive

The company plans to try out facial recognition and hand scanning technology in multiple countries

Australian Fashion Council unveils trademark for Aussie apparel

Inside Retail

Australian fashion companies can now apply to use a special trademark certifying their products are locally created.

Public web data is the key to a free and open market

Retail Focus

Let’s say you want to buy a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s — undoubtedly the most recognizable Jordans of all time. What do you do first? . Chances are you answered: type “Jordan 1” in search. Correct? . By Itamar Abramovich, Director of Data Products, Bright Data .

Your employees are everywhere. Is your security?

Cisco CSR

Embracing security resilience for the hybrid work era. Hybrid work is here to stay. According to our survey, only 9 percent of the global workforce plans to return to the office full time.

16 Hilarious Work Fails

Small Biz Trends

Did you ever have one of those days at work? We’ve all been there when we can’t figure out if it’s Murphy’s Law or if we were born under a bad sign. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. It’s no wonder why #workfails is always popular across so many social media platforms.

From Cloud to Car: How NIO Develops Intelligent Vehicles on NVIDIA HGX


Building next-generation intelligent vehicles requires an AI infrastructure that pushes the cutting edge. Electric vehicle maker NIO is using NVIDIA HGX to build a comprehensive data center infrastructure for developing AI-powered, software-defined vehicles.

5 Real-World Ways 5G Will Transform Retail

Retail Touch

5G is the talk of the town these days — up there with Web3 and the metaverse. But just like those other technologies, 5G is less a specific solution and more of an enabler. What matters most is what you do with it. So what can retailers do with 5G?

Stockland launches incubator program for retail startups

Inside Retail

Stockland has launched an incubator initiative it calls S Connect Starter aimed at assisting small businesses to grow and gain exposure and experience in its shopping centres.

Dreaming of Opening a Shop? Here’s How

Retail Focus

Many people today aspire to have extra income. Some people choose to open a retail shop, which could be the start of something bigger later. While retailers in the UK still face many challenges, there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to start small.

How Cisco DNA Assurance Proves It’s ‘Not a Network Issue’

Cisco CSR

When something in your house breaks, it’s your problem. When something in your network breaks, it’s everyone’s problem. At least, that’s how it can feel when the sudden influx of support tickets, angry phone calls, and so on start rolling in.

ATS 114

How Does Raising Your Company’s Prices Impact Your Taxes

Small Biz Trends

In this inflationary environment, many businesses must raise their prices to continue paying higher wages, taxes, and expenses and at least stay even in terms of profitability.

NVIDIA Adds Liquid-Cooled GPUs for Sustainable, Efficient Computing


In the worldwide effort to halt climate change, Zac Smith is part of a growing movement to build data centers that deliver both high performance and energy efficiency.

Dr Esho launches social media ready clinic in brand new FLANNELS store

365 Retail

This week, ESHO., the clinically inspired and doctor led cosmeceutical brand from Dr Tijion Esho MD, is opening a dedicated ‘tweakments’ space in the UK luxury retailer FLANNELS.

Coles launches plastic bags made from marine waste

Inside Retail

Coles supermarkets will roll out plastic bags made with 20 per cent marine waste and 80 per cent recycled plastic in stores across the country. The Marine Reusable Shopping Bag is made from recovered plastics from inland and ocean-feeding waterways, mainly in Malaysia.

Renewed retail offering for Liverpool ONE as Kick Game signs and Kenji upsizes

Retail Focus

Grosvenor today announces new retail activity at Liverpool ONE, where luxury footwear brand Kick Game has signed for a 3,500 sq ft unit on South John Street. Kick Game will join Kenji, the Japanese-inspired homeware and stationary retailer, which is upsizing its store by 40%.

Want SASE? Just Add Software!

Cisco CSR

Twenty-first-century networking. It seems like a simple idea. All you want is to get the network to do what you intend it to. Nothing more, nothing less.

14 Top Mom Influencers

Small Biz Trends

Some businesses are already experienced with influencer marketing. And others may wonder ‘ what is Cameo and how can influencers impact my business?’